Valley health facilities have rigid restrictions on abortions


April 10—[email protected]

LEWISBURG — The availability of legal abortions in the valley is strictly limited.

Andrea Bertram, director of operations for women’s health and cancer services at Evangelical Community Hospital, said, “Our providers at Evangelical Hospital do not have the privilege of performing the procedure electively. , even if it is related to a health condition.We can only perform the procedure if abortion is an emerging situation where it is an option to save a patient’s life.

In a statement released Friday, Geisinger said they are “committed to providing family planning, counseling and support services to our patients in accordance with Pennsylvania law.

“We perform pregnancy termination procedures when medically appropriate for the symptoms and the diagnosis or treatment of a patient’s condition, illness, disease or injury. This is of a collaborative decision between patient and provider.”

Transitions of PA is a comprehensive victim services organization that provides advocacy, empowerment and education services to victims, survivors, families and communities in Union, Snyder and Northumberland counties, Mae said. -Ling Kranz, Managing Director.

“Our services,” she said, “include a 24-hour crisis helpline, emergency safe housing, counseling and therapy, legal defense, housing assistance custody, supervised exchange of custody and visitation, civil legal representation, and outreach, education, and technical assistance to our communities.”

“Transitions allow survivors to make their own decisions and respect the autonomy of the body,” Kranz said. “We don’t give advice, we discuss options and respect the choices our survivors make.”

While Transitions of Pa. does not provide any type of medical care or pregnancy resources, Kranz said, “we will connect survivors with community supports they have identified as needing or needing.

“We rely on the expertise of local medical providers in our community to provide survivors with the health care support they need,” she said.

Kranz said people looking for more resources could check out the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape online at


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