TX Pregnancy Center Celebrates 90,000 Saved Babies: “We See It As A Divine Rendezvous”


Texas Pregnancy Center Celebrates 30 Years of Supporting, Education, and Medical Support for Women.

The Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, with one of its strategically positioned locations directly across from a family planning clinic, has shared the hope of the gospel in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1991.

He has served 100,000 patients and reports that 90,000 women have chosen to have babies through the efforts of his ministry.

Over 400 people have chosen faith in Christ in the past year alone.

Leanne Jamieson, executive director of the center, told CBN’s “The Prayer Link” that the center serves as a beacon for women facing difficult issues.

“When this young woman or couple walks through the door of our center, we see it as a divine date. And in our experience, they are also often broken and looking for hope,” Jamieson said.

“They have found themselves in this circumstance and it very often reveals other areas of their life that they are struggling with and we are very good listeners and we are really there to help them solve problems and navigate their situation. . I tell our volunteers and staff if you are a good listener, then God will open that door. “

The pregnancy center, which was started by the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, wants women to know all of their options and understand that they are not alone, Baptist press reports.

“I truly believe that most people who request an abortion do so for very basic reasons,” Jamieson said. “Often there is a lot of fear around their pregnancy and because of that fear they are really looking for some kind of answer, we could say hope – hope that pregnancy does not have to change their life in what they are. they see it as a way disaster. “

“Some of the stories we hear would break your heart,” she added. “But I’m so grateful to know that I know a Lord who specializes in the broken.”

Staff members at the center often meet young women who say they don’t want their lives changed just because they are pregnant.

“We want to take some of the misconceptions that these young women have head-on,” Jamieson said. “A lot of what they think is not true.”

In addition, Prestonwood Baptist Church has made arrangements for their girls ministry serving at the pregnancy center – revealing what it really means to be “rooted in Christ”.

“We couldn’t think of any place that serves others better than the (Prestonwood) Pregnancy Center,” said Stephanie Williford, director of the girls’ ministry. “It was also an opportunity for them to see a picture of God’s love and redemption!

Jamieson stressed the importance of teaching young girls about services to women and showing them how to become spokespersons for the center.

“God is the creator and the giver of life, so we are talking about what we are doing here, why we are doing what we are doing, and we are showing them,” she said. “Sometimes we have to serve their peers – they may have a friend who has made choices, and we’re talking about what you say and what you don’t.”

Leanne said she enjoys seeing teenagers serving at the center and learning about different aspects of pregnancy, especially when it is unplanned.

“I think adolescence is a time of exploration, of what they believe and why they believe it, and the value of life,” she explained. “I would rather they come to the pregnancy center before they go out into the world, to college, and they hear a different message.”

The center gives women free access to their medical services. This includes pregnancy tests, an ultrasound to confirm the baby’s due date, and much-needed support for the expectant mother.

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