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The CEO of Charity Short poses with photos of the children they have helped support.

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ROCKINGHAM – The Pee Dee Pregnancy Resource Center is more than just a destination for diapers and wipes.

It is a resource for expectant parents where they can learn how to be the most effective parent through educational programs.

“Most of the time, we’re a place where they can come to feel completely at peace, without judgment,” said CEO Charity Short. “You are kind of expected to know what you do when you have a baby, but the truth is, how can you expect you to never have learned it? ”

They serve customers as young as teenagers or people in their 40s. Resources are available for their clients from the moment they realize they are pregnant until their child is two years old.

Currently, the Pee Dee Pregnancy Resource Center serves 14 women. Short said the most surprising thing people learn about the facility is the longevity of their programming, which provides parents with not only immediate solutions, but long-term goals and lessons.

Some of the courses available as part of their program are Antenatal Care, The Importance of the Connection, The Goals and Benefits of Breastfeeding, Progress in Labor, Milestones of Infant, Finding a Balance with discipline and anger against action. A typical session lasts about an hour.

“See the customer walk through the door and see them being able to use these tools and say, ‘I learned it and I did it! “” Is the most rewarding, said Short.

Baby Bucks can be earned by taking classes and meeting a mentor at the center. Bucks can buy childcare items at a reduced price.

Short added that they don’t give out items for free, but parents strive to acquire childcare items through programming and lessons.

“It’s not just ‘let me in and out’,” Short said. “It’s a process that helps you grow. ”

Short said that in the future, they plan to hold group classes for parents of all ages to meet and talk to each other. A new Spanish program will be available, potentially in August. Bereavement counseling is also offered to people who have had a miscarriage.

“Everyone is so kind and understanding,” one customer said from an anonymous testimonial. “Knowing that I am not being judged while I am here is huge for me. ”

Short said volunteers are always welcome at the Center and can take training to become a mentor. The best thing people can do is just share with others that the Pee Dee Pregnancy Resource Center is available to anyone who needs its services.

“The most important, easiest thing is to share with someone you know who is pregnant,” Short said.

You can find more information about the Pee Dee Pregnancy Resource Center at Their phone number is 910-997-3040. Richmond County United Way Executive Director Michelle Parrish can be reached at [email protected] or 910-997-2173.

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