The Avoyelles Pregnancy Center opens its doors


The parish of Avoyelles has a new pregnancy center and it is the second now in central Louisiana.

The pro-life ministry center opened on Monday and is located in Marksville. The facility will offer free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds and answer any questions a mother has.

The first pregnancy center opened less than two years ago in Alexandria.

Ministry officials said the goal is to provide families with life-saving alternatives to abortion from the time they become pregnant until their child’s second birthday.

Cenla Pregnancy Center board chairman Brian Gunter said he was excited about the opening and hopes the new location will be more convenient for all mothers, especially those in crisis.

“We noticed that about 90% of our clients were from Rapides Parish, and we saw that 30 mothers from Marksville and Avoyelles Parish had abortions last year, Gunter said. “We were not serving them in our office in Alexandria. So today we are opening the Avoyelles Pregnancy Center as a way to reach these women and help them, we want this service to be here in their community so that they don’t have to drive all the way to Alexandria, right here in Marksville, The Avoyelles Pregnancy Center can help. “

Heidi Peavy, inf. aut. will be director of the Avoyelles Pregnancy Center. She can be reached at [email protected] or call (318) 314-3061. You can also visit

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