TAB Media helps organize a baby shower for clients of the pregnancy center


If you knew Deb Lowery, TAB’s financial assistant, there’s one thing you’d quickly learn: she has a heart for unborn children and for mothers in difficult situations.

That’s why, for the past three years, she’s been volunteering at a women’s center in Fultondale.

“I thank God for the privilege of serving in North Jefferson Women’s Center/Sav-A-Life, alongside everyone else who loves Jesus,” Lowery said, “[sharing] His truth and his love with the men and women who walk through those doors. The shared testimonies of these precious [people] whose lives have been transformed by the power and love of Jesus Christ never fail to bring tears of joy to my heart.

“I am grateful for all churches and individuals whose hearts are tied to Christ’s love for unborn children and their mothers and fathers.”

Lowery noted that Psalm 139:13-18 – which depicts God’s heart for unborn life – is the truth behind his passion for ministry.

baby shower

On February 7, TAB Media staff came with her and Sav-A-Life to participate in a baby shower gift shower at Graysville First United Methodist Church.

Julie McLendon, director of the centre, said the showers provided a “great opportunity” to celebrate babies and their families. For some, it may be the only shower they have, and it’s a great way to meet some basic needs.

Each family honored at the shower took 10 hours of classes on topics such as birth, baby care and parenting.

“We want to meet people in this unplanned pregnancy situation, but we want to go beyond that,” McLendon said. “Jesus wants us to have an abundant life and we want to walk this path with our families. We want to provide that parenting resource and be that place of help when times get tough.

North Jefferson Women’s Center/Sav-A-Life offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal evaluation, STI/STD testing for men and women, childbirth education classes, parenting and fatherhood programs.

“It’s our heart – to see our families flourish in abundance and experience this fullness of life,” McLendon said. “We want to equip them with skills to have a God-centered family.”

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