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On remembrance day of pregnancy and infant loss, we hear about a woman’s campaign for specialized miscarriage facilities in all hospitals.

Author: Selena JacksonPosted on October 15, 2021
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A mom, who was traumatized after delivering her stillborn baby in a labor ward, tells Radio Borders that she is determined no other woman should have to go through the same thing.

Louise Caldwell, 38, of East Kilbride, launched a petition after losing her own baby in 2019.

Because she was 13 weeks pregnant at the time, she had to give birth in a labor ward.

She said: “As soon as the consultant mentioned the labor room, nothing else leaked.

“When we arrived to the hospital, we were actually greeted by a dad, a really excited dad, and rightly so, he should have been excited and brimming with pride. “

“Absolutely terrified”

Louise says a midwife assured her that she would be made comfortable, but instead was placed in a room at the back of the ward.

She said: “We didn’t know what to expect, or what was going to happen, and then add to the mix that we were in a labor room surrounded by cards, flowers and balloons, knowing that women were delivering their babies. , where I was going to deliver my sleeping baby, was not at all pleasant. “

“I was so worried, [wondering] what I was going to hear from the outside, was I going to see something? “

Time for change

Louise says she was inspired to launch her campaign after hearing about another woman who, at 31 weeks pregnant, lost her baby.

“I knew what was going to happen, I knew where she was going to go, and that just spurred me on.

“That night I sat at my computer, writing this petition, trying to be delicate about it.

“There were people who signed it who had lost babies, their mothers, sisters, family wives had lost babies, even in the 70s, and they were still haunted by the labor room. “

The Scottish government has now agreed to implement the change in all maternity wards, starting next year.

Louise received a letter on Oct. 7 confirming that the boards of health women’s services will all have dedicated facilities for women facing unexpected pregnancy complications.

“Ravished in pieces”

She said: “When I saw this for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. I sent a message to my husband, a friend of mine, my city councilor.

“I finally had the courage to phone the researcher, and I asked ‘what does this mean? Does that mean we’re getting the units? ‘ and he said “that absolutely means you get the units.”

“I can’t figure it out that I did this. A little mum from East Kilbride did it on her own. I broadcast it and fought for it.”

“I was so emotional, I was absolutely thrilled. It’s completely overwhelming and so surreal.”

Louise is now working with her local MP, Dr Lisa Cameron, to bring the campaign to the UK Parliament.

Expanding her petition, she said, “I ask if I’m going to have the strength to do it, because I’m regurgitating what has happened to me over and over again.

“But at the moment Dr Cameron has mentioned the campaign in the UK Parliament, and we have 11 political parties who signed the motion from the start.

“I have family in England, and why shouldn’t they have wards? It could be their family, it could be their daughter, sister, mother, who need this, because it’s 1 women in 4, and they deserve it. “

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