Rwanda: medical establishments rewarded for birth and death registration



The Ministry of Local Authorities awarded five hospitals and ten health centers in recognition of their support for the exercise of civil status following the extension of the service to health establishments.

Since last year, birth and death registration has been extended to health facilities to help citizens who had to travel long distances to the area office to access the service.

These exceptional hospitals and health centers were recognized during the celebration of African Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Day (CRVS) on August 10.

Recognized health establishments have been classified into four categories: university hospitals, provincial and district hospitals, health centers and private hospitals.

In the first category, the Center Hospitalier Universitaire de Butare (CHUB), located in the District of Huye, obtained 93.6% and received 4 million Rwf.

At the level of referral, provincial and district hospitals, three hospitals were recognized; Rwinkavu hospital which obtained 95.9% and 4 million Rwf, Kirehe hospital obtained 82.7% and 3 million Rwf, while Byumba hospital with 80.2% received 2 million Rwf.

Ten health centers were recognized while in the category of private hospitals, La Croix du Sud hospital, in the district of Gasabo was recognized with 96.6% and received 3 million Rwf.

“The allocation of health facilities will encourage others to make more efforts to do it on time,” read a statement from the Department of Local Government.

Danny Musa, director of operations at La Croix du Sud Hospital, told The New Times he attributed the achievement to the hard work of his staff and following government advice.

“There is a system we use for birth and death registration, and our employees are trained in how to use it. Management also ensures that they are followed up to provide good service to customers, ”he added.

Revision of civil status

In June last year, the Council of Ministers approved “the ministerial decree determining a health officer with the powers of a civil status officer”.

The same Council of Ministers also approved the presidential decree determining the attributions of a cell head.

The decree empowers the executive secretary of the cell, on the basis of the information provided by the head of the village where the event took place, to register births and deaths which “occur in places other than an establishment. of health for persons of known civil status ”.

This development follows the publication, in February last year, of an amended law governing persons and the family, with particularly amended civil status clauses to improve the registration of civil events such as births and deaths.

The revised law, among other things, stipulates that an officer of a health facility has the power of registrar to register births and deaths that occur there.

The initiative was officially launched on CRVS Day last year.

In the past, what was allowed was notification but not registration as a registrar must be in a health facility for things to work accordingly.


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