Robert O’Connor Hosts Transracial Parenting Program for Adoptive Families in La Crosse Region | Local News


Today’s program, the Transracial Parenting Journey, will focus on the implications of transracial adoption placements, how culture helps and enhances diverse families, and communities and tools for navigating difficult situations and issues. . Registration for the event is closed.

“This is a topic that many families in our area are currently experiencing,” said Magen Duffy, Post-Adoption Resource Specialist for Catholic Charities. “People really need this information, most of these parents being white and not knowing what it’s like to grow up a different race in a predominantly white community.”

Catholic Charities facilitates many transracial adoptions, Duffy said. However, transracial adoptions were not always common, or even recommended.

Prior to the Multiethnic Placement Act passed by Congress in 1996, social workers largely followed a policy of placing children exclusively with parents who shared their race, believing it to be in the best interests of the family. child.

The most recent data from the US Department of Health and Human Services, released in 2009, shows that 40 percent of adopted children are of a different race, ethnicity or culture than one or more. two of their adoptive parents, including 84 percent of overseas adopted children, 28 percent of foster children, and 21 percent of those privately adopted in the United States

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