Rioters damage pregnancy center and several businesses in Portland


Police say they ‘didn’t have the resources’ to make arrests

Explicit graffiti spray painted on pregnancy center
Police say this pregnancy education center was among several businesses that were vandalized. |

Police say a mob of about 60 people dressed in black vandalized a pregnancy resource center and other businesses in Portland, Oregon following the state Supreme Court ruling United to cancel Roe vs. Wade. No arrests were made due to a lack of resources.

A report of the Portland Police Department in the Hollywood District said the “destructive group” left Grant Park around 10 p.m. Saturday when the crowd, “mostly dressed in black, began smashing windows and scribbling signs. graffiti”.

Several places in the area were vandalized, including the Mother and Child Education Center, a non-profit motherhood support organization, where a sign was vandalized with the words “F-SCOTUS” – an abbreviation of the Supreme Court – and a symbol of anarchy.

A window with a sign reading “We Welcome All” was also smashed, sending shattered glass onto an area with children’s toys, police said.

Nearby banks and cafes were also vandalized. A Portland Public Schools van parked at a local high school was spray painted with the words “Abolish Schools” and had smashed windows, police say.

Portland-area businesses damaged in Antifa riots after Dobbs decision
The words “ABOLISH SCHOOLS” were spray painted on a public school van. |

Rioters also smashed the windows and windshields of a parked black Tesla and spray-painted the entire car.

Most of the damage occurred between 10:05 p.m. and 10:40 p.m., police said.

No arrests were made at the scene.

Portland police said officers “were monitoring the crowd, but did not have the resources to intervene at this time,” citing other calls for a shooting and assault that they needed to respond to.

A statement from the department pledged to conduct follow-up investigations, saying, “Just because there aren’t arrests at the scene, while tensions are high, doesn’t mean people don’t are not charged with crimes later”.

An aide to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who was at the scene when officers responded to the scene, Told journalists, “This is despicable…we need more police.”

Portland businesses vandalized
A “We Welcome All” sign was covered in broken glass during the riots. |

Since the Supreme Court’s ruling, several Portland-area pregnancy centers have been vandalized or damaged, including what authorities call a “suspicious fire” at the First Image pregnancy center in Gresham, just east of Portland.

Portland, in general, has seen several violent mobs vandalize and attack churches and other buildings, including in November 2020, when a group of more than 100 Antifa rioters dressed in all black vandalized a Catholic church.

A few weeks earlier, in September 2020, a pro-life activist known for his “Baby Lives Matter” campaign was attacked by members of Antifa on a street corner in Portland.

The attack came just over a week after a supporter of former President Donald Trump was shot dead in Portland by a leftist protester sympathetic to the “anti-fascist” movement.

The suspect in this attack was shot and killed by Portland police when they attempted to arrest him.

Portland is one of many US cities that have cut police budgets following a public outcry to ‘defund the police’ following the death of George Floyd and subsequent protests and riots at the summer 2020.

Just 18 months after doing so, the Portland City Council in November passed a $5.2 million budget increase for police after the city saw its homicides hit record highs amid severe shortage of police personnel.


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