Problematic teens? Positive Parenting Program Can Help You New


A little support and guidance can go a long way in helping parents feel more confident and capable. With that in mind, a collaboration of local nonprofits and county agencies – including Cope Family Center, Napa NEWS, Child Start, ParentsCAN, Queen of the Valley, UpValley Family Centers, local school districts and Napa County Health & Human Services – is working together to manage a county-wide network of resources for parents. This is called the Positive Parenting Program, or Triple P.

Used in communities around the world, the Triple P model focuses on building a positive relationship between parent and child. It helps parents to provide a safe and supportive environment for their children; establish clear ground rules and consistent consequences for misconduct; create realistic and age-appropriate expectations for their children; and – last but not least – taking care of themselves as parents. The program offers a range of resources for families, ranging from seminars and workshops to tip sheets that help overcome specific challenges, such as bedwetting, toddler tantrums or the use of social media by teens.

Besides helping parents with the daily challenges of raising children, Triple P can also help them guide their children through more serious issues – things like substance use, a parent’s illness or other experiences that produce the kind of “toxic stress” that can affect a child’s health and well-being for the rest of his or her life. Studies show that parents or primary caregivers can play a particularly powerful role in mitigating the impact of these “negative childhood experiences”. To that end, the Triple P model provides these parents with the tools they need to be a stabilizing and uplifting force for their children – so they can grow into happy and resilient adults.


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