Pregnancy center saves women and babies from abortion right next to abortion center


(LifeNews) For more than two decades, a Kentucky pro-life ministry has helped moms choose life for their babies right next to the state’s largest abortion facility.

Kentucky today reports BsideU for Life in Louisville served more than 650 women in 2020, encouraging and supporting them through their unplanned pregnancies.

Since 2000, the pregnancy center has been a beacon of hope for women near the EMW Women’s Surgical Center, one of two abortion centers in the state. BsideU for Life and the abortion center share a wall, and Monica Henderson, the organization’s executive director, said theirs can be a “very controversial block.”

Henderson said Kentucky today that their mission is centered on demonstrating the love of Christ to those in need, including mothers, fathers and babies.

“We are gospel-centered, we believe in the sanctity of life,” she said. “We pray, we walk in integrity, we are intentional, we are relational, and we are committed to becoming disciples.”

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BsideU for Life opened in 1988, but it changed name in 2017 to make it clearer that his mission was not just about the unborn baby.

“We want a long-term relationship with the women we interact with,” said Henderson. “For some of our customers, they have literally been connected to us for years and know they can always come back.”

The ministry provides free pregnancy tests, counseling, testing and treatment for STIs, maternity and infant supplies, GED support, stress and anger management classes, Bible studies, support groups and more. It also offers on-site babysitting while parents are at their appointments.

While his work is not to be controversial, the ministry and those it serves face hostilities. Henderson said the abortion center clinic escorts sometimes yelled at their clients and scared them.

“When a woman comes into our parking lot and we want to serve her, and a clinic escort stands by the edge of our parking lot shouting at her that we are not the abortion clinic and that we are doing bad things, it’s difficult, “she said.

Despite the controversial environment, ministry leaders plan to continue serving mothers and babies for years to come, even though unborn babies are once again protected by law.

“Women are still going to have unplanned pregnancies until Jesus returns,” Henderson told the outlet. “The work of the pregnancy center will not end if Roe vs. Wade were canceled, or the abortion was made illegal, or the restrictions were tightened to the point that it was incredibly difficult to get an abortion. The work of the pregnancy center is still going to take place.

Tweet this: The work of the pregnancy center will not stop if Roe v. Wade was bowled over… The pregnancy center work is still going to take place.

It is estimated that 2,700 pro-life pregnancy centers provide free services to individuals and families across the United States. Search by Charlotte Lozier Institute found that these centers served nearly 2 million people in 2019, providing over 730,000 pregnancy tests, nearly half a million ultrasounds, 1.3 million packs of diapers and over 2 million outfits for babies, among other services.

Editor’s Note: This article was published by and is reprinted with permission.


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