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GREENVILLE—Social ministry at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Greenville made another significant donation, this time to the Pregnancy Help Center, currently located at 105 W. Third St.

Mike Meckes and other ministry members of the church presented a check for $5,000 to Jeannette (Unrast) Shuff, superintendent of the facility, Thursday night.
What will the money be used for? “Probably for our new move, Shuff replied. “I don’t know when it will open but Bruns is working on it. It will be located on South Broadway next to the cinema and used to be Pamela’s.

Meckes said the church sets aside 10% of its offerings for benevolence.

“For the past two years, we’ve been working to find local projects,” Meckes said. “It’s God’s request for us to take care of people, and because of Roe vs. Wade, we’ll have a lot more to do. We feel blessed to have the money.

According to him, they learned about the existence of the pregnancy center during the delimitation of the operation.

The Pregnancy Help Center has many offerings including a shop open to the public with reasonably priced items as well as another shop space. The two will be combined in the new location.

“Our customers earn items in the store,” Shuff said.

Courses on various subjects are also offered, including the avoidance of sexual rights, a free program in secondary schools.

“All schools except Franklin Monroe and Bradford are participating, she said. “We also have a father’s program that will help them know what to do. We offer classes to frame them with such programs that include a toddler’s temper tantrums, and we talk about the family element and the struggle for marriage.

The volunteers we have are trained here, and ultrasounds can be done here, Shuff also pointed out.

“From January to June last year, we held 283 classes, and this year, from January to June, we held 467 classes,” she added. “We try to find resources, such as WIC and metropolitan housing, and encourage our clients to be part of other things so it’s not so overwhelming for them.”

Shuff, who took over leadership of the organization when Lois Monroe left in 2018, said a prayer walk took place several months ago when various church members came to visit the facility.

They didn’t know it was all here,” she said.

Shuff said most churches as well as other nonprofits help out financially.

“We don’t receive any funding,” Shuff noted. “We will be holding our ‘Defending Hope’ banquet in September at Romer’s in Greenville.”

Special guest expected to appear at the banquet is Kirk Cameron of “Growing Pains” TV fame, who stars in the movie “Life Mark,” which features “Roe being knocked down, homeschooling and more.” The banquet begins at 6 p.m. and doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Shuff said there were more than 950 students involved with the center and 73 in mentorship parenting classes.

The majority of pregnancy cases are in the age group of 26 to 32 years.

“We also help foster parents,” she said.

One of Shuff’s main goals has been to search for a building.

“One of our needs is housing,” she says. “In winter, customers come because there is nowhere to go. They fill out housing applications. In the new building, we will be able to house the women. There is a residence above.

Yes, growth is observed at the Pregnancy Support Center.

“We’ve been a lot busier last year, especially after COVID,” Shuff said. “We offer post-abortion recovery classes and early childhood loss classes. We just tell people the truth. We help them by telling them about the side effects of abortions and a lot of different things, including the child sexual abuse. There’s a lot of honesty and transparency here; not a lot of fluff.

Children who visit usually come to volunteer hours.

The public, she said, is welcome to come and tour the facilities.

The original program was located above Bonfiglio on South Broadway and moved to its current location in 2015. However, it has been located at other sites in Greenville over the years.

The local program is affiliated with Heartbeat International of Columbus, Ohio.

“I was a teenage mom,” said Shuff, a 2003 Ansonia High School graduate.

Today, she is married with six children, ranging in age from 20 to 18 months.

“I have a passion for this and helping others,” she said. “I have a phenomenal staff. We must continue to grow and continue to build bridges where the gaps are.

Jeannette Shuff has been director of the Pregnancy Help Center since 2018.


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