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A Texas Pregnancy Center celebrates the lives of 90,000 children who were saved from abortion in its first 30 years of operation.

Leanne Jamieson, executive director of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, which has several branches in Dallas and surrounding suburbs, Appeared on CBN News’ “The Prayer Link” program on Tuesday, where she said the organization had a “divine appointment” to save as many lives as possible by convincing women to choose life.

“When this young woman or couple walks through the door of our center, we see it as a divine rendezvous and in our experience they are also often broken and looking for hope,” she said. “They found themselves in this circumstance and it very often reveals other areas of their life in which they are struggling.”

Jamieson described his staff as “really good listeners,” adding, “We’re really here to help them solve problems and navigate their situation. And I say to our volunteers and staff, ‘If you’re a good listener, then God will open that door.’ “

“I think the pregnancy resource centers are a very special field of mission, so we exist to help those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy, and we offer them a lot,” she added. “We provide pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, we provide the resources and the things we need to do to help invest in this woman or this couple to help them become the parents we believe God called them to be. “

Addressing the importance of adoption recommendations, Jamieson said, “We believe every baby is meant to be born, but not all birth mothers are meant to be parents.”

Shortly after moving to North Texas, Pastor Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, founded the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center in 1991. Graham had previously founded a pregnancy center in Florida after delivering a sermon on Roe vs. Wade, the United States Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.

According to Jamieson, “He felt like when he came out of the pulpit, the Lord said to him, ‘That’s fine, but what are you going to do about it? impact in an editorial in the Christian Post 2018 published on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision.

“I can’t help but think about what would happen if every woman in a rush for an abortion had access to the support and resources of a center like ours. Abortion could remain legal, but fewer women would turn to it as a solution, ”he concluded.

In addition to helping women facing unplanned pregnancies, the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center strives to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who seek care. According to Jamieson, “We have thousands upon thousands of evangelistic conversations each year and… more than 400 women have chosen Jesus as their Savior, helping us to not only make an earthly difference, but that eternal difference as well. “

Last year, the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center opened a new office in Dallas, directly across from a Planned Parenthood surgical abortion center.

“God pointed us out there,” Jamieson told CP in a previous interview. “We believe that we are just called to be a light in the dark, that we want women to know that before they go to the parking lot right in front of ours, that they have an option, that they can come and that they can take a deep breath, “and experience” guidance enveloped in love and grace, “she told CBN.

In addition, Jamieson stressed that its employees seek to ensure that women are “aware of the choice they are about to make.”

“We have women every day that come to us, or the sidewalk counselors stop and hire, and say to them praying, ‘There’s a place across the street that will see you for free, you don’t. ‘have nothing to lose but go see them.

Jamieson recalled that last week a woman got out of her car crying as she was ready to drive to the Planned Parenthood across the street and officials at the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center convinced her to ask Prestonwood for help instead. The officials there offered to “help her navigate” through the reasons that led her to seek the abortion in the first place.


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