Pregnancy center: 90% of our clients chose life in 2019


It’s a typical day at the pregnancy center. The first team has already arrived. The doors are unlocked and the rooms have been prepared when a young woman enters the center. Fear covers her like a thick fog.

She walks over to the front desk, barely able to make eye contact. The gentle volunteer who works behind the desk that morning has a warmth that fills the room. She warmly welcomes the young woman and asks how the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center can help her this morning.

And now, the meeting of the young woman begins. Volunteers and staff will boldly step into this client’s life and circumstances, helping her make the decision that lies ahead. They will point out the possibility to her and share with her the truth enveloped in hope, love and grace.

This young woman is the first of 40 clients we plan to serve that day. And many of them think abortion is their best option. Some will have called the center earlier in the week, others will have made an appointment online in the middle of the night and still others will show up without warning us. Each young woman is unique. And yet they are all the same. Unique in their hopes, their fears, their dreams and their burdens. The same in that they are all looking for answers.

The Prestonwood Pregnancy Center (PPC), like pregnancy resource centers across the country, is a special ministry. It’s not special because of the staff who work there, although those called to the pregnancy ministry are certainly gifted. It is not special because of the volunteers who serve faithfully, even though they are the most dedicated and compassionate among us. CPP is special because the Lord works miracles every day in pregnancy centers like ours… saving babies – and often parents too.

Every day, pregnancy centers offer compassionate support to women and men facing difficult pregnancy decisions. These centers are safe and confidential spaces offering free pregnancy tests, confidential education on options, ultrasounds, resources and more.

We want those who are considering abortion to come to us instead of going to local abortion providers…. We are safe; we are free; we are gospel-centered and life-giving.

Every time a woman goes to a pregnancy center instead of an abortion center, a spiritual battle takes place… life against death, light against darkness, truth against lies.

We often hear this intimidating abortion statistic: Over 60 million babies have been aborted in America since the horrific Roe v. Wade in 1973. But the least known statistic is the number of babies who have been saved thanks to the valiant and heroic efforts of those working on the front lines of this battle for the sanctity of all life.

In 2019, PPC saw over 12,000 customers, 90% of whom have chosen life for their unborn child. We also witnessed 340 greetings and 72 adoption referrals.

Yes, pregnancy centers make a difference for life!

Ultrasound is one of the pregnancy center movement’s greatest gifts. There is such power when a young mother or father sees her child grow and develop in the womb. There is also the sweet persuasion of a baby’s heartbeat. When the sonographer turns on the Doppler and the sound of the baby’s beating heart fills the room, that’s often when we see the walls a parent has built around their heart start to crumble.

The young woman I mentioned at the start of this article – the one who was the first to walk into the center that day – well, she was pregnant and terrified. In her mind, the quick and easy answer was abortion. She just didn’t want her life to change. The nurse took this woman’s hand in hers and reassured her, “We are here to help. You have time. Do not react but respond to your situation…. Breathe deeply. By the time your pregnancy test came back positive, I know your life has changed … Now let’s see how that will change.

Now was the time for his ultrasound. As the nurse began the exam, a beautiful image of the baby that the Lord was knitting in this woman’s womb appeared on the screen. The baby was nine weeks old. The image was magnificent. But this young mother barely glanced at it. She could barely face the truth of her situation.

Then the nurse engaged the Doppler. As the noise, the noise, the sound of the baby’s heart filled the room, a tear rolled down this mother’s face. She asked, a little hesitantly, “Is this my baby’s heartbeat?” “

And at that time, God performed a miracle, and a life was saved.

We are at a pivotal moment in our country. The lines have been drawn and states are aligning themselves with life or death on the issue of abortion. In January, in churches across the country, we will recognize the sacredness of all human life. It comes on the occasion of Roe v. 47th birthday. Wade. So, as believers, we must educate people about the sanctity of life, inspire them to stand up for life, and mobilize them to serve those in crisis.

Leanne Jamieson is Executive Director of the Prestonwood Pregnancy Center. If you would like more information about the work of the Pregnancy Resource Centers, feel free to email Leanne at [email protected]

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