Portland pregnancy center ‘mistakenly’ attacked by pro-abortion activists


Pro-abortion activists mistakenly attacked a pregnancy counseling center in Portland after Roe v. Wade, upset staffers said Monday.

The executive director of the Mother and Child Education Centre, Maura White, a self-proclaimed pro-choice liberal, told Fox News that her Oregon nonprofit helps young mothers and babies in need and has no official position on the controversial abortion rights issue that is troubling the nation.

“My organization, we are non-profit, and we help moms, families, children in need, babies from zero to 5 years old,” she said. “We’re just here to help people. And so they mistakenly thought that we were here doing anti-abortion and everything. The violence was horrible.

The nonprofit suffered at least $10,000 in damages after protesters smashed windows and spray-painted slogans on Saturday, White said.

She said local police warned her in advance of potential attacks and were sympathetic after the destruction.

Smashed windows are plastered behind a spray-painted sign at the Mother and Child Education Center in Portland, Oregon, June 26, 2022.
JOHN RUDOFF/AFP via Getty Images
Broken windows are condemned at the Mother and Child Education Center in Portland, Oregon on June 26, 2022
The property was vandalized by protesters on the night of June 25, 2022.
JOHN RUDOFF/AFP via Getty Images
Spray-painted messages are seen at the Mother and Child Education Center in Portland, Oregon on June 26, 2022
The centre, which claims not to be an anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centre, links mothers and children to social services.
JOHN RUDOFF/AFP via Getty Images

But she noted that local cops have become significantly less vigilant about crime following the feeling of “police payback” in the area.

“I think the ‘defund the police’ movement has definitely had an impact on their ability to be more proactive on the streets,” she said. “It’s really a shame.”

White, a Democrat, said she supports the right to protest but spoke out against the wave of unrest that rocked Portland following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which federally guaranteed a woman’s right to abortion.

Free speech is not earth-shattering in the very companies that help people, that help children,” she said.

Executive Director Maura White reacts as Lynn McFarland (L) and John McFarland (R) donate approximately $300 in formula to the Mother & Child Education Center on May 12, 2022 in Portland, Oregon.
Executive Director Maura White said “the violence was horrendous”.
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White said her center helps those who have already decided to carry their children.

“They’ve already made that choice,” she said, adding that her organization had come under attack on social media. “They don’t understand what we are doing.”

The non-profit organization helps new mothers who struggle to afford diapers, strollers and other necessities.

A book reading
A copy of the book “Who Can You Trust?” is seen at the Mother and Child Education Center in Portland, Oregon on June 26, 2022.
JOHN RUDOFF/AFP via Getty Images

“They love their children,” she said. “We’re just helping them be the best parents they can be.”

While insurance will help pay for some of the damage, White said she has a high deductible and will inevitably have to pay some of the costs.

“It’s so not fair,” she said.


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