Pathway Resource Center: Texarkana’s Newest Christian-Run Pregnancy Center


The Pathway Pregnancy Resource Center is coming to the Texarkana area in March 2022 with two different locations to serve those in Texas and Arkanasas. Created and run by Christian organizers Laura McDowell, Carla Clayton and Joe Dillahunty. Pathway is 100% donor-driven and executed.

“We all have past experiences in crisis pregnancy centers, as well as experiences in abortion centers in Shreveport working with young mothers and fathers providing information about options other than termination of life . So all of this is important to us. Carla is a sonographer and she has volunteered and worked in crisis centers providing ultrasounds and counseling clients. After talking to hundreds of girls and boys, we realized we wanted to do more than just hand out bandages for those cuts, we needed to get to the root of the problem, and figured out how best to help our community with teenage pregnancy was to start earlier by reaching our young people before life-changing choices were made, said Laura McDowell.

“Over the past two years, Carla and I have written a curriculum for middle-aged and older children that teaches life skills and risk avoidance. It contains 8 lessons and goes through many issues young people face.We help provide information on goal setting, communication, relationships, social media, pregnancy and STDs, through the use of an interactive scripture-supported workbook. We don’t want to “hit kids over the head” with right and wrong, rather we want them to think about the choices they will face and consider them ahead of time so they know what is the best choice to make before they ever face them,” Laura said. “The Pathway Life Skills and Risk Avoidance program is taught throughout our community, in various states, and even in another country by the intermediary of a missionary aire who ordered a copy of the manual, said Laura.

“While our hearts at Pathway are set on working with our youth and preventing a lifestyle crisis, we also want to be there to provide life-affirming resources and options to help ease a crisis should it arise. had to happen. It’s important that these people aren’t simply left behind, and that’s where the Pathway Pregnancy Resource Center comes in. We’ve had so many doors open for us, and so much support from our community that our doors will be open, fingers crossed, in March,” Laura said. “We will be offering Christian counselling, pregnancy verification, baby care classes and ultrasounds. Pathway will be 100% faith-based. Sharing the gospel will be one of our priorities. We won’t be harsh with our words, but we will be intentional with those we serve,” Laura said.

The Pathway Resource Center will have two locations in the Texarkana area. On the Arkansas side, one center will be located in the former Washington School building at 1900 Marietta St., and another at Rise Church in Wake Village. They plan to be open several days a week, including Mondays and Saturdays, so those in need of crisis intervention can be served at any time. Pathway is 100% donor funded. They received funding for their portable ultrasound machine from a generous donor as well as two exam tables from another. Although most of the higher priced items have been taken care of, they still need some of the lower priced items and funding for recurring expenses. You can learn more about Pathway or donate to this organization by visiting their website, You can email Pathway at [email protected]


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