Parenting program helping PEI families


Island moms and dads interested in positive parenting seminars are encouraged to attend a free conference on Tuesday evening.

The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is an internationally recognized program used in over 25 countries that provides counseling for all parents, as well as strategies and interventions for parents facing challenges. Prince Edward Island first announced the program in 2014.

“It’s about tweaking and helping them solve the problems a little better,” said psychologist Rhonda Matters, who speaks about the program Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Confederation Center Public Library. This is the last of the free psychology conferences of the month organized by the Psychological Association of PEI.

Matters said research has proven the program’s effectiveness and gives parents the motivation to try it.

“There is less stigma attached to seeking help parenting,” she said. “We don’t see as much of this as we used to.”

More help for serious problems

Matters will provide an overview of the program and explain the types of parenting skills that people can be helped with.

Parents can be exposed to positive parenting across many different places – for example, a regular appointment with public health nurses can provide an opportunity for a short discussion on a strategy that parents could use to develop a bedtime routine or toilet training.

Parents with more significant challenges, such as a child’s behavioral difficulties at home and at school, can participate in individual or group programs at a family resource center, community mental health and struggle organization. against addictions or another body. Over the past year, the province has offered more training to its staff at the highest level of intervention.

There are also workbooks and videos that make the program enjoyable, Matters said. The PEI website on Triple P includes information on upcoming seminars for parents, as well as a phone number for those who need advice on where to turn.


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