Now birth companions to assist with birthing at state facilities | Kolkata News

Kolkata: The state government has introduced the concept of birth companions for expectant mothers wishing to deliver in public health facilities. This is part of the state’s efforts to improve the already improving maternal and child mortality rates in Bengal. Doctors said a positive childbirth experience not only helps promote respectful maternity care, but also helps the baby’s cognitive development.
A birth companion is a person close to the mother-to-be who will be by her side during childbirth. Calcutta National Medical College had introduced the concept in Bengal in 2020 as part of LaQshya (Labor Ward Quality Improvement Initiative), a program of the National Health Mission. TOI reported on this on November 22, 2020. The government will now extend the concept to all maternity hospitals in the state.
“Someone from the family, usually a woman who has had the experience of giving birth, is usually designated as a companion. When such a person is next to the expectant mother in the labor room, it becomes reassuring for the woman. and the birthing process becomes smoother,” said Arati Biswas, former gynecology officer at CNMC. “It earns the trust of the family, reducing the chances of attack on the hospital. we had allowed birth companions. It is wonderful that the concept is being replicated in all facilities in the state. Biswas department obtained the LaQshya certificate in November 2020.
From 113 in 2014, the maternal mortality ratio in Bengal has fallen to 98, from a national average of 113. Infant mortality here has also come down to 20 per 1,000 births from 28 in 2014. The national average is 30. mate , stress and fear will decrease. This will ensure fewer complications and optimal milk flow, said Suchandra Mukherjee, neonatologist at IPGMER.

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