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Governor Kristi Noem was happy to have the press last month in Announces $ 10 Million Donation from Writer and Amazon Ancestor MacKenzie Scott to support the state-sponsored vo-tech school of Watertown, Lake Area Tech.

I wonder if the Governor will also be eager to announce another cash injection from Scott’s Amazon in South Dakota, this time part of a Socially responsible donation of $ 2.739 billion:

MacKenzie Scott, the billionaire philanthropist ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, announced in a Medium article that she will provide $ 2,739,000,000 in freebies to 286 “high impact organizations in categories and communities historically. underfunded and neglected ”.

One of those 286 groups is the Rapid City based NDN Collective, a group that was created in their own words to “build the collective power of indigenous peoples, communities and nations to exercise our inherent right to self-determination, while promoting a world built on a foundation of justice and justice. ‘fairness for all people and the planet’ [Jacob Newton, “MacKenzie Scott Giving to Rapid City Based NDN Collective as Part of Nearly $3 Billion Dollar {sic} Campaign of Giving,” KELO-TV, 2021.06.16].

Scott’s millions are arriving just in time to support the NDN Collective’s newly announced “Landback University”, an online education project for promote history and civic education… That Governor Noem loves, doesn’t he?

“From time immemorial, the transmission of knowledge from one generation to the next has been instrumental in our survival, said Krystal Two Bulls, LANDBACK campaign manager for NDN Collective. “We have maintained our languages, our ceremonies, our songs, our spirituality and our way of life through atrocities that no People should have to endure. LANDBACK U will not only offer ways to reclaim land, but also a glimpse of what is possible when we claim our relationship with the land. It will provide a political education that captures the context of where the LANDBACK movement fits into the global movement for the collective liberation of all peoples, using accessible language that digs deep into the roots and current demands of the movement. LANDBACK within the so-called United States and LANDBACK struggles internationally ” [NDN Collective, press release, 2021.06.15].

“The so-called United States”? Uh-oh …

“LANDBACK is not hyperbole. LANDBACK is a commitment and a promise to future generations, ”said Demetrius Johnson, organizer of the LANDBACK campaign. “If we are committed to stopping climate change and a future in this world, we must also commit to LANDBACK. LANDBACK U creates a space for indigenous peoples to communicate solutions that have worked and will work to protect our ecosystem from capitalism, imperialism and militarization. [NDN Collective, 2021.06.15].

Capitalism, imperialism, and militarization“? Dang, those pesky NDNs seem to be trying to scribble red ink on core US values ​​Governor Noem wants To whiten.

Two Bulls says the goal of the NDN Collective with Landback University is to use education to “build the power of people and create the just and fair world we all deserve.” It may not match the taglines that Noem created, but it fits Scott’s perfectly. declared the intention of social justice for his philanthropy, which, according to her, is not so much a handout as an overdue compensation for disadvantaged groups who help to create wealth but are denied their share of the action by the unjust concentration of wealth:

People who fight inequality deserve the center sin stories about the change they are creating. This is also – perhaps especially – true when their work is funded by wealth. All wealth is the product of a collective effort that has included them. Social structures that inflate wealth present obstacles to them. And despite these obstacles, they provide solutions that benefit everyone.

… America’s 1.6 million nonprofits employ 10% of our country’s workforce and 63 million volunteers. As political pendulums swing, redistributing and refocusing wealth, we may choose to fund organizations with the potential to increase the impact of every dollar and hour donated by others. Social sector infrastructure organizations empower community leaders, support grassroots organization and innovation, measure and evaluate what works, and disseminate information so that community leaders, elected officials, volunteers, employees and others donors at all income levels can make informed decisions about how to partner and invest. These organizations, which are themselves historically underfunded, also promote and facilitate service, which in turn inspires more people to serve. [MacKenzie Scott, “Seeding by Ceding,” Medium, 2021.06.15].

In yesterday’s essay, Scott says all of his big donations, money to the NDN Collective and Lake Area Tech, are meant to serve communities that have been “historically underfunded and neglected.” This support is not intended to amplify Scott’s voice or those of any other establishment leader; on the contrary, Scott says she wants to “devalue privileged voices and cede attention to others”. Putting her money where her mouth is – or rather, where she wants other mouths to be heard – Scott does not dictate terms to his beneficiaries; it encourages them to spend the money as they see fit.

Scott’s donations are not intended to support the status quo; Scott wants her money to disrupt what she sees as an unfair status quo. Noem missed this point in discuss the Lake Area Tech giveaway. She’ll avoid that point entirely by avoiding any mention of the change Scott’s support of the NDN collective can generate.


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