Molotov device, vandalism found at Nashville pregnancy center – Tennessee Lookout


Federal and local authorities are investigating a Thursday nighttime attack on a pregnancy counseling center in Nashville, where a window was smashed with an unlit Molotov cocktail device found inside, Metro Nashville police say. called it “the first act of vandalism seen”. in connection with the US Supreme Court decision on abortion.

The Hope Clinic for Women in Nashville has been in operation since 1983. The Christian pregnancy center offers pregnancy testing, parenting counseling and classes, and works to steer women and girls away from abortions. It is among the organizations highlighted in a Friday press release applauding the overthrow of Roe v. Governor Bill Lee’s Wade – who sits on his advisory board.

“This is terrorism and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” Lee tweeted Thursday.

Joy Styles, who sits on the clinic’s board, said the incident forced staff to cancel all morning appointments before reopening on Thursday afternoon.

“We are a place of peace and a place of support, she said. “Today it was disrupted.”

Styles disagreed with the characterization that the clinic is anti-abortion, saying the faith-based organization does not pass judgment on women and girls for their choices, but hopes women will ‘choose life’ . The center does not refer women to abortion clinics, she said.

“Because someone assumed who we are and how we go about our beliefs, they blocked half the women we were scheduled to see today from getting dates,” she said.

Police responded to a burglary alarm at the facility at 1:38 a.m. Thursday, finding the window shattered and the unexploded device inside, the department said.

The words “Janes Revenge” were sprayed on the exterior of the brick building, according to the press release.

Reports of similar anti-abortion pregnancy centers vandalized since the Supreme Court ruling have been reported in Colorado, Virginia and Florida.

The FBI, detectives from the MNPD’s Specialty Investigations Division and agents from the Hazardous Devices Unit are investigating, and the unlit device was sent to a crime lab for analysis, Nashville police said.

“The police department is working with the facility on ways to enhance security,” a news release read.

In an email sent after this story was published, Hope Clinic CEO Kailey Cornett said the building was damaged by graffiti and the broken window which was quickly repaired on Thursday.

“Our police department is working with other law enforcement to apprehend the assailant,” she said. “What we want you to know is that the Clinic of Hope for Women remains open for our needed services to women and families. We are grateful for all the support from the community during this time and are back serving our customers with compassion, non-judgment and care!”


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