Liberia: Major Prisons Closure Due to Lack of Food Supply


Monrovia – A FrontPageAfrica investigation has revealed that inmates at Monrovia Central Jail, commonly referred to as “South-Beach” and other major correctional facilities are said to be facing starvation in the facility, a situation which they say is now unbearable and could lead to jail break at facilities if attention is not given quickly.

A source within Monrovia Central who preferred not to be named confirmed that the facility had been short of food since December 8, but authorities had tried to deal with the little that had already ended a few days ago.

However, the situation reportedly worsened from Sunday January 2, when the detainees were unable to eat, to Tuesday January 3.

As a result, inmates relied only on food brought into the facilities by family members. Many who do not have visiting relatives depend on their colleagues or go to bed hungry.

“Today there is absolutely no food in the facility. Until now it is 2 p.m. there is no food, a source said Tuesday, Jan. 3, via cellphone. within one of the establishments.

The source further said that the situation was creating serious discontent among the inmates, who had previously planned to lash out but were later told by their leaders in the various blocks of the prison to calm down, until the end of the day.

However, the inmates have threatened that if nothing is done to provide them with food until the end of the day, they will take unspecified action in the facility, effective Tuesday, January 3.

Our source further complained that inmates are told to buy their own medicine every time they go to the facility’s clinic for treatment, even if they cannot afford it. ‘to get money.

“We’re concerned about food because that’s the only thing they help us with, we do other things on our own,” our source noted.

“We are losing patience because there is no food and for this reason they kept us behind bars until 11am on Monday 3rd January.

The detainees have also raised concerns about why President Weah has not visited them for the past two years in December, to grant executive clemency to some of them.

“You will hear our news there, because we as convicts will no longer accept any free conversation from them, our source noted.

Currently, Monrovia Central Jail has over 1,300 inmates, while it was only built for 350 inmates.

When contacted, Monrovia Central Jail Deputy Superintendent Justine J. Juwah confirmed the lack of food at the facility, but said he could not comment further on the matter at the time. grounds that he was not the legitimate authority.

Deputy Minister for Corrections Mr Eddie Trawaly could not be reached for comment as the FPA has been advised that he is currently out of the country.


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