Kongsvinger Lutheran Church to host charity event to benefit Women’s Pregnancy Center, Lutherans for Life – Grand Forks Herald


OSLO, Minnesota — The Kongsvinger Lutheran Church in rural Oslo will hold its annual benefit event on March 11, featuring a live chat with Kyle Mann, editor of the Christian satire site, “The Babylon Bee.”

Proceeds will go to the Grand Forks Women’s Pregnancy Center and Lutherans for Life, a national life advocacy group.

Registration for the event, which includes a banquet at 6 p.m. in the church’s communion hall, is required by March 8. The seats are limited.

The live chat will begin at 7 p.m. on Kongsvinger’s YouTube channel,


. Access to the livestream will open at 6:30 p.m.

To register, go to the website:


, which will also provide information to connect to the live broadcast program. There is no registration fee for attending church or via the livestream. Voluntary donations to beneficiaries can be made through either of these sites.

During the discussion, editor Kyle Mann will provide insight into the workings of The Babylon Bee, which, in satirical pieces airing since 2016, has “provided a daily laugh to millions, often forcing readers to laugh at themselves,” said Don Mathsen, who serves as treasurer at the church.

“Using comic elements to expose the realities of society, satirical plays use irony, humor and exaggeration to show the follies and wrongdoings of elements of society, Mathsen said. “Among other things, The Babylon Bee tackles the subjects your parents told you to avoid in good company: religion and politics. Political correctness will take a break for the evening.

The opportunity to chat with Mann, who will join the audience virtually from his home in California, will be “an evening of lighthearted humor,” he said.

The Babylon Bee, with its nationwide audience of over a million subscribers, is well known for its catchy headlines, such as “Trudeau orders all geese rounded up and slaughtered for honking in solidarity with truckers and “Biden promises to replace retired quarterback Tom Brady with a woman of color, Mathsen said. on Babylon Bee can do so by submitting their original title, in advance, following the instructions on the Kongsvinger registration website.The titles considered to be the most up to Babylon Bee’s standards will receive the honor of be read by Mann during the live interview, he said.

Since the mid-1990s, except for 2021, Kongsvinger Lutheran Church has hosted the annual charity dinner, Mathsen said. The date of this year’s event coincides, almost to the day, with the second anniversary of the official start of the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 13, 2020, President Donald Trump declared the coronavirus pandemic a national public health emergency.

While the pandemic has resulted in restrictions on group gatherings, including in churches, it has also spawned an opportunity, through internet technology, that has enabled Kongsvinger Lutheran Church to reach international audiences. .

For more information about the March 11 Kongsvinger Lutheran Church benefit event, call (218) 773-8137. The church, located at 15950 47th Ave. NW, Oslo, Minnesota, is 14 miles north of East Grand Forks. To get to the church, go to




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