Inauguration of the Bright School Parenting Center for the benefit of the Bright School

The Bright School Parenting Center welcomed 30 patrons to campus to celebrate its grand opening on November 17. The school’s mission is to provide essential education, resource facilitation, advocacy assistance, and support to parents, caregivers, service and education providers, and special education students, all free . Services include a Deaf mentorship program, non-English speaking resources and parent education sessions during the school year. Speakers included Tim Bright, Chairman of the Board; Linda Frantz, school principal; and Cleland Powell, board member; as well as parents and parent advocates Rana Otallah, Dinia Cabrera and Kelley Hill. The EENT Foundation provided a large grant to open the centre, located in the school’s Kingsley House campus, which also served as the venue for the event. Bright School was established in 1959 by the Bright and White families to meet the needs of their deaf grandson and son, Michael White, who is now a board member. Approximately 85% of Bright School students have transitioned into typical classrooms without the need for special education classrooms.
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Overview of the event

What: Inauguration of the Bright School Parenting Center benefiting The Bright School

When: Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Or: Kingsley House

Photographed by Johnny Russo for The Bright School
Tim Bright, Manny Bright, Kelley Hill, Linda Frantz

Bright School students: Paul Mansfield, Nola Miller, Sarah Field, Tiffany Cabrera and Cardin Stewart

Marbely Barahona, Claire Hess

Susan Bright, Dana Hansel, Lauren Schrantz, Elinor Bright

Rana Otallah, Luna Craig (student) and her father Trevor Craig, Dinia Cabrera

Cleland Powell in front of the audience.

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