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They say money is what makes the world go round, and this saying is no less true in Crossed Kings 3. Any powerful leader, regardless of his military level, will need gold. A lot, in fact. A healthy economy is one of the characteristics that make a powerful kingdom in this title.

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The start of the game is important in Crossed Kings 3. Regardless of its location, taking things too slowly can limit a player’s future expansion. However, achieving an early conquest requires a significant infusion of cash to avoid going bankrupt. There are many ways to make money by Crossed Kings 3, but doing it quickly requires a little finesse.

Raids, the life of a pirate

Crusader Kings 3 Raid Party

One of the easiest ways to earn gold fast is to organize a raid. Unlike large-scale conflicts, raids do not start a war with the country that is plundered. If players can spot a weakness in a neighboring county, quickly besieging it can be a big boon.

It should be noted, however, that not all cultures / religions have access to raids. Only leaders with a unreformed pagan faith, tribal government or legacy of piracy the dynasty modifier can attack other countries. It is best to raid when the other country is distracted by another war. Lay siege to possession quickly, then take the money and run!

Win wars

Crusader Kings 3 Battle Victory

It might sound obvious, but consistent victories on the battlefield can be very lucrative. Winning offensive wars, of course, gives the player access to new lands and sources of taxation. On the other hand, gaining victory in a defensive war causes the player to be paid a large indemnity by the loser.

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Participate in holy wars, like Crusades, can also bring easy money to the player. A country that plays a decisive role in a crusade has the right to an important part of the war chest. For leaders who are pulling their weight, the benefits may be worth the long.

Redemption of other characters

Trapped character from Crusader Kings 3

This strategy actually corresponds hand in hand with the previous entries. Whenever a farm is successfully captured, there is always a chance that its occupants will be taken prisoner. These imprisoned characters can be redeemed from their lord for a nice little profit.

Better yet, why not try to capture the overlord himself? Take a sovereign prisoner, especially a king or an emperor, can translate into a pretty penny for the player. Higher level characters tend to have gold to make their own ransoms possible. Even feudal and Christian rulers who cannot plunder can still benefit from this method. Whenever a war is declared, aim to capture the Big Cheese itself.

Choose the Avaricious stewardship benefit tree

Crusader Kings 3 Stewardship Perk Tree

In the pursuit of gold, one should not stop at punishing foreign enemies. A player’s own subjects can be exploited for increased profits. Selection of “Miser” Stewardship Perk Tree is the first step in this regard. To see how profitable these rewards can be, here is the full breakdown of the some of the most useful benefits a character can acquire:

Gold bonds

This advantage allows a manager to demand payment of the hooks. This essentially allows the player character to blackmail their vassals and courtiers. Each time a hook is won on another character, the player can sell it back to the victim… for a price. Strong hooks lead to bigger gains.

In addition, one of the tertiary advantages of Golden Obligations is increased ransom fees. Thus, players can make even more money by redeeming important prisoners, especially those who can afford it. It fits perfectly with the previously mentioned strategies discussed above.


Heregeld grants a + 10% Contribution Tax Vassal. If vassals are already geared towards additional tax contributions through their contracts (which will be discussed later), this perk can pay dividends relatively quickly. Milk vassals for all they are worth, if the goal is to make money fast.

It’s my domain

This perk gives the player the ability to extort their subjects directly through a decision. When the Extort the decision of the subjects is taken, a few events will trigger that will allow players to earn gold quickly. Of course, that comes with a few penalties, given that extortion is frowned upon by, well, just about everyone.

At all costs

In the same vein as the previous advantage, At any price unlocks the decision to sell securities. At the best of times, this tactic can earn gold, prestige, and even a hook. However, this decision can also fail dramatically, leaving the player only with hurt feelings and angry matters.

Modification of vassal contracts

Crusader Kings 3 Feudal Contract

If it’s done early, changing the feudal contracts of his vassals can be very profitable. This strategy may vary depending on the popularity of the player character with his vassals. If enjoyed, this process becomes much less painful. A character that begins with full of positive traits unsurprisingly will have an easier time with this endeavor.

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Adjust an individual the vassal’s obligations in favor of more taxes is possible. Impose the harshest form of tax on a vassal, up to 25%, comes with significant opinion penalties. Making sure your player character is already popular will help offset the discontent that such an action will cause. Special contracts, such as Scutage, also lead to a bigger salary.

Maintain a high opinion among vassals

Opinions of vassals in the Irish Empire of Crusader Kings 3

Maintain a high opinion among his vassals is one of the easiest ways to earn money quickly and passively. Vassals who have a high opinion of their liege are more efficient in collecting taxes. As such, it’s best not to be too heavy on your subjects.

This is doubly true for religious vassals. People who don’t care about their liege won’t send their full tax quota up the chain. To avoid this scenario, be tactful with the clergy in his kingdom. This extra income can add up to a lot in a short period of time.

Borrow and ask for money

The Pope of Crusader Kings 3

Finally, if players are in desperate need of gold immediately, they can always ask for it. For Catholic leaders, this means ask the pope for help. Assuming the Pope has the necessary funds and his opinion of the player character is high, he offer a large sum of money in your vaults, without any conditions.

Loans are also an option, especially from an established sacred order. Players can apply for a loan and, if successful, will receive a quick injection of money. Of course, this is a loan, not a gift. The money must be refunded in the future, so keep that in mind.

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