Hopes for new facilities as Bestwood village landmark goes up for sale


One of Bestwood’s most recognizable buildings is up for sale and residents hope whoever buys it will bring something positive to the area. The Grade II listed Bestwood Clocktower on Park Road is now on the market for £495,000.

The building is occupied by offices and measures 3,943 square feet with 11 office suites, designated parking, restrooms and a kitchen as well as LED lighting.

Bestwood local Ian West, 68, said he was surprised to see it on sale. “It’s a shame it’s sold, it just got new windows,” said the army veteran and current head of The Welfare. “The building is Grade II listed so they can’t do anything outside as the offices used to be connected to the pit.”

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The building was first listed as Grade II in July 2020, recognizing the historical significance of the clock tower and offices, as the town is filled with mining history. The clock tower housed the general offices of the Bestwood Coal and Iron Company. The houses surrounding the offices were once owned by the pit foreman when the mine was open, then sold to the miners when he moved.

Some locals hope the space will be turned into something for local children as they say there isn’t much for young people in the village. Ms Orange, who is retired and from Park Road, said: ‘It should be something for the children, the youngsters have nothing in the village, I hope they don’t turn it into flats.’

Linda Noseley, a resident of Bestwood, added: “It’s a shame it’s sold, it should be turned into something for children.”

The building is almost 150 years old as it was designed by Thomas Worthington and was built in 1876 and remained the offices of the National Coal Board until 1985.


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