Free Pregnancy Center Opens Across from Largest TX Abortion Center to Offer ‘Real Choice’


Planned Parenthood’s largest abortion center in Texas has a new neighbor who makes no secret of their real goal: to bank them.

The Prestonwood Pregnancy CenterThe new location in Southwest Dallas provides help to women facing tough decisions, giving them the information they need through free ultrasounds, medical tests and counseling. “We are here because we want to give them a real choice. We want to be a light in what is often a very dark situation,” said Leanne Jamieson, director of the new center. Baptist press.

“In my experience, Jesus shines the brightest when the going is darkest. We thought, ‘Let’s position ourselves so that those heading to the abortion center can see us and make them think and think. eventually come to us in their place. ‘, “she explained.

So far, the Dallas Southwest center has reported that 90% of their clients choose to babysit their babies, according to Fox News. This is just one of six facilities operated by Prestonwood in the Dallas area.

And while they’re clearly trying to save babies from abortion at the nearby Planned Parenthood, Jamieson makes it clear that the people who work there aren’t their enemies.

“We know who the real enemy is,” Jamieson said. “Planned Parenthood is made up of people who need the love and grace of our Lord and Savior as much as the customers who walk through our door. But we move in because this is a place where the enemy has positioned themselves. and we want to say that we can serve them (clients), and that they have more options beyond abortion. ”

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Twenty-nine years ago, Pastor Jack Graham and Prestonwood Baptist Church launched its first Prestonwood Pregnancy Center (PPC), providing women with a lifesaving alternative to abortion. According to the Pregnancy Center‘s website, no insurance is needed and no fees are charged.

The Prestonwood centers have served over 70,000 clients and even provide women in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with access to quality care through their mobile ultrasound clinic. Introduced two years ago, the mobile clinic offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and support.

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