Free COVID booster dose only in government facilities; Pay Rs 400 in private hospitals, centers


Free COVID booster dose: People between the ages of 18 and 59 can get a COVID booster dose free. Aimed at boosting the absorption of Covid precautionary doses, the new vaccination campaign was launched as part of the government program Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav to celebrate the 75th anniversary of India’s independence. Initially, this dose was given at 9 month intervals. Now it can be given after 6 months.Also Read – Covaxin May Help Reduce the Severity of COVID Infection. This study explains how

Here we share with you the answers to all relevant questions related to the booster dose. Also Read – Is Omicron’s BA.5 sub-variant more potent than COVID vaccines? To find.

Question: What is meant by a free booster dose?

Answer: In studies conducted by many international institutions including the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), it has been found that the level of antibodies in the body decreases after about 6 months of taking the two doses of the COVID vaccine. While the immune response increases with the booster dose. Therefore, it is necessary to take a booster dose. Experts also believe taking a booster dose is necessary to avoid COVID. ALSO READ – Monkeypox: Center writes to states, orders to screen and test all suspected cases at point of entry | Guidelines here

Question: When will the free booster dose be available for free?

Answer: The free booster dose was launched from July 15. This facility will only be available for 75 days.

Question: Where will the free booster dose be taken from?

Answer: A free booster dose will only be given in government centres. If you receive a booster dose in a hospital or private centre, then you will have to pay for it.

Question: How much will it cost to get a booster dose at a hospital or private center?

Answer: In private hospitals, the total cost of a booster dose is between Rs 350-400. Remember that according to government guidelines, private hospitals cannot charge more than Rs 150 service charge for a booster dose.

Question: What vaccine will be given if the booster dose is given free of charge?

Answer: The same vaccine you took for the first 2 doses will be given as a booster. In other words, if the first 2 doses of Covishield were given, so Covishield a booster dose will be given. If the 2 initial doses of Covaxin were taken, so Covaxin a booster dose will be given.

Question: Do I need to re-register to take the booster dose?

Answer: No. According to Ministry of Healththere is no need to re-register for the booster dose or the precautionary dose.

Question: How do I get the free booster dose?

Answer: An account will be created on the CoWin portal for the first and second doses. You will receive a message from CoWin after 6 months to get the second dose. Click on the link in this message and you will be able to reserve your slot for the vaccine. According to the Ministry of Health, the offline slot can also be reserved for the booster dose.

Question: Are there any serious side effects from taking the free booster dose?

Answer: Only a few people have the problem of severe allergies because of it. Some also have difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, throat swelling, or skin rashes.

Question: When can I receive the first booster dose?

Answer: Six months after the second dose of the vaccine, you can receive the first booster dose.

Question: When can people recently infected with COVID receive a booster dose?

Answer: You can only take the booster dose after at least 3 months of recovery from COVID. That is, if you got infected after taking two doses, you can only take a booster dose after 3 months of recovery.

Question: Can pregnant women receive a booster dose?

Answer: According to the Ministry of Health, pregnant women should also receive a COVID booster dose.


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