Family Resource Center Launches New Parenthood Program



THE POWER OF TRIPLE P. The Positive Parenting Program, a nationally acclaimed parenting program, is now offered at the Eau Claire Family Resource Center and partner agencies.

“More positive in your days.” This is the motto of the ‘Triple P’ Positive Parenting Program, a nationally recognized parenting program that is now available locally through the Family Resource Center and partner agencies, with funding from the Wisconsin Board for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect until 2022.

Partner agencies – including the YMCA of the Great Chippewa Valley, UW-Eau Claire Nature Academy, Create-A-World Preschool, Eau Claire Area School District, and several local medical groups – offer three different types of programs aimed at parents: groups, individual sessions and seminars. The programs address over 40 various normal challenges that a child faces during their development, such as whining, separation anxiety, mistrust, temper tantrums, and more. The intention is to provide parents with skills and tools they can use to change problematic behaviors at home in positive ways.

It’s really empowering parents.

Jennifer eddy

Family Resource Center

“It’s really empowering parents,” said Jennifer Eddy, director of the Family Resource Center at Eau Claire.

While the program focuses on positive outcomes for children, it makes parents more confident in their skills, Eddy said, and creates a better home environment for families. One study found that parents who attended a single two-hour discussion group on disobedience saw a 40% improvement in their child’s behavior that lasted for nine months.

The program, which launched locally in September, offers three seminars: “The Power of Positive Parenting”, “Raising Confident and Competent Children” and “Raising Resilient Children”.

“If (parents) use these tools,” said Caroline Wee of the YMCA of Chippewa Valley, “it makes their family life easier, healthier and overall happier. “

The timing, according to Wee, couldn’t be better. “Especially through COVID, we have seen an increase in domestic conflict and mental illness and child abuse and neglect,” she said. Communities with the Triple P program have better rates of mental health (for parents and children) and lower rates of child abuse and neglect.

“You will not be told what to do. You will not be judged at all. It is certainly not a prescriptive and one-size-fits-all solution (solution). It is a conversation.”

Christine mccorkle

local parent

But it is designed as a program for the benefit of all families.

“You won’t be told what to do,” said Christine McCorkle, board member of the Family Resource Center. “You are absolutely not going to be judged. It is certainly not a one-size-fits-all normative (solution). It’s a conversation.

More information about the program can be found locally at or at


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