Ex-Judge Who Supported Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Center Will Help Decide Fate of Missouri’s Only Abortion Clinic | Politics


Parson spokesman Steele Shippy said the governor appointed Prewitt to the commission based on his experience as a judge and past military service and that his stance on abortion was not a factor. He said the governor’s office was aware of Prewitt’s previous reprimand, but noted that the Supreme Court had gone no further to suspend or revoke his license.

“Based on these qualifications, we believe he would take on the responsibilities of commissioner in an appropriate manner,” said Shippy.

Commissioners work individually, and Prewitt said cases are rotated by a scheduling clerk. Three other commissioners are currently on the panel and could also be entrusted with the abortion clinic case, should it ever reach the commission.

Prewitt lost his re-election in 2018 and resigned earlier in December. He said he applied for a vacant seat on the administrative hearing board several months ago and received a response around March.

“Several months ago I was considered for the appointment, so it wasn’t even a problem when I spoke to the governor’s office about the appointment, he said.

Since stepping down as a judge, Prewitt has continued to be active on Facebook. In February, he posted a photo of a truck with an inscription on the back that read, “What’s the difference between a gun and a whiny Liberal?” A firearm has only one trigger. #buildwall. He also shared memes about vegans, atheists and a post with a photo of a woman who says, ‘Why is she wearing leggings?

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