Ethiopia: Ethiopian doctors call for restoration of health facilities


Doctors for Ethiopia called on Ethiopians, all concerned friends of Ethiopia, to restore the health facilities destroyed by the terrorist TPLF in a coordinated and well-organized manner.

The destruction of health facilities across Ethiopia hurts everyone and must also be condemned by the international community. Ethiopian must unite, stay focused and help mothers, children, elderly and bedridden people, Doctors for Ethiopia said.

“Since the TPLF has destroyed blood banks, newborn incubators, vaccines and medicines and especially mothers and children are still suffering or even dying, Ethiopians should come together and help the needy. The work has already begun and must be well consolidated. .”

Meanwhile, on his Twitter page, Getty Images photographer Jemal Counttess said bed frames in a hospital room at Haik Health Center were damaged by artillery fire during the invasion of Haik. 2021, as seen on January 12, 2022 in Haik, Ethiopia. Hospital staff said the TPLF began shelling Haik while he was outside the city before it was occupied in 2021.

“Nearly 3,000 health facilities, including 46 hospitals, have been destroyed due to the conflict in northern Ethiopia. Other hospitals in active conflict areas, including Tigray, are awaiting an official assessment. most of the damaged hospitals cannot provide any health services.


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