Early childhood organization providing a free parenting program at Cherokee Co.


CHEROKEE COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Parenting is tough, but parents in Cherokee County can get a little help, for free.

First Steps, an early childhood organization, now offers a positive parenting program (Triple P). This is where consultants bring behavior change strategies from their office to your home.

“Triple P is almost like having a toolbox when you’re raising your kids,” said consultant Kathy Miller.

First Steps in Cherokee County received a grant of over $250,000 making this program possible.

“It’s really, really needed and very overdue for us to be able to do a parenting program,” said executive director Dorothy Priester.

Consultant, Kathy Miller, said the program is based on good communication and positive attention.

“It’s really an early intervention strategy and what it does is it aims to increase parenting competence and confidence in parenting,” she said.

She said Triple P is based on 5 core principles:

  • Have a safe environment
  • A positive learning environment
  • Use assertive discipline
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Take care of yourself as a parent

The program is for children up to age 12, and Miller said families receive 10 weekly home visits.

“Triple P is for any parent and any child, regardless of socioeconomic status, whether or not they are a single or two-parent household,” Miller said.

Miller said they use a variety of strategies to create behavioral changes in parents and children. An example, being in the same room your child is in when giving instructions.

“It gives Johnny the ability to conform. If Johnny doesn’t comply, the parent will wait a few seconds, about 5 seconds, and ask again. This time, if Johnny doesn’t comply, there’s a logical consequence, Miller said.

Executive director Dorothy Priester said the grant is for two and a half years, but she hopes Triple P will be around much longer.

“We’re already thinking about who can we get to fund this, how can we get the funding to pursue it,” Priester said.

She said their goal is to serve about 80 families over the next two and a half years. She said they already had references. She said they would start serving customers and going home within the next two weeks.

If you would like to receive help from this program, Priester said to call them at: (864) 487-9466


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