Director of Worcester Crisis Pregnancy Center calls vandalism ‘domestic terrorism’


WORCESTER – Police are investigating after two crisis pregnancy centers in Worcester were vandalized on Thursday.

Windows have since been boarded up at the Clearway Clinic on Shrewsbury Street after being smashed overnight. Blue and yellow paint was splattered on Problem Pregnancy on Pleasant Street.

There was also graffiti outside both clinics that read “Jane’s Revenge,” an abortion rights organization that was formed after the Roe v. Wade.

WBZ-TV has confirmed that both facilities are crisis pregnancy centers. Attorney General Maura Healey notified this week emergency pregnancy centers offer counseling services, pregnancy tests and encourage women to continue their pregnancies.

“While crisis pregnancy centers claim to offer reproductive health services, their goal is to prevent people from accessing abortions and contraception,” Healey said Wednesday. “In Massachusetts, you have the right to a safe and legal abortion. We want to make sure patients can protect themselves from deceptive and coercive tactics when seeking the care they need.”

There has been a spike in incidents involving pregnancy centers in crisis across the country in recent weeks.

The problem pregnancy in Worcester has been vandalized.


A spokesperson for Healey released a statement following the Worcester vandalism incidents.

We condemn all forms of violence and destruction of property within our communities. Our office will continue to ensure that patients seeking abortion care are safe and well informed of their options.

Worcester Police have only confirmed they are investigating.

Kelly Wilcox is the executive director of the Clearway Clinic.

“Anyone in the community should be concerned about any kind of homegrown terrorism. You definitely should be. We all should be,” Wilcox said. “They are abortion extremists. I don’t think everyone who supports abortion would do such extremist acts. But they are clearly domestic terrorists, an organization called Jane’s Revenge.”

Francisco Costa lives in the neighborhood. His wife heard the sound of breaking glass during the night.

“I’ve been living here for a year. So it’s a quiet area. Hearing that makes you worry about what’s going to happen next,” he said.

Wilcox, meanwhile, said the clinic would not be intimidated by acts of vandalism.

“No, we are not worried. These acts were cowardly and they took place at night, so we are continuing,” Wilcox said.


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