Crisis Pregnancy Center Operators and Pro-Life Reject John Oliver’s “Hit Piece”

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Comedian John Oliver in “Last Week Tonight”, April 2018. |

Pro-life advocates are pushing back comedian John Oliver who used his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” to smear nonprofit pro-life pregnancy centers, alleging they are giving women medically inaccurate information.

Oliver spent most of his program Sunday sarcastically mocking the work of pro-life pregnancy centers, suggesting at one point that they should appreciate contraceptives and “fill Pez dispensers with birth control pills, give condoms to cheaters or caregivers and sterile earrings as hostess gifts “.

Towards the end of the segment, Oliver opened a fake pregnancy crisis center in New York called “Vanned Parenthood” which was set up in a van driven by “Wanda Jo Oliver”, played by Rachael Dratch, who distributed “facts. alternatives “on Abortion.

An operator of a pro-life health clinic said Oliver’s position was one-sided, although she told him about her job.

“It was extremely disturbing to watch this ‘one-sided’ presentation by John Oliver tearing up crisis pregnancy centers,” Brandi Swindell wrote of it. Facebook page. Swindell is the Founder and CEO of Stanton Health in Idaho, which has centers statewide.

She said she was personally interviewed by phone by Oliver last week and spoke to him at length about her job.

“I told her about the professionalism, quality medical care, compassion and commitment we offer to women who choose to come to Stanton, she explained.

“Fortunately, Stanton and I were NOT mentioned in this bizarre satire story, but it’s disturbing because it shows the obvious bias against life-affirming clinics.”

Her center and others that offer similar services “did not fit the narrative of her hate article,” she continued, and the convincing arguments she raised in the interview did not fit her agenda. .

“The most disturbing part of the segment is the utter disrespect and contempt for the strong, capable and amazing women we serve. Their voices are what matters most. And you have to wonder why a man would be so obsessed with it. abortion and ensure women have no other choice but abortion? This is sick.

Likewise, prominent pro-life advocates have decried the segment.

“This is a misogynistic bestselling article about amazing, nonprofit, medical and pregnancy resource centers for women. They provide confidential and free support to those who need it. They don’t push or sell abortions, but come up with practical solutions that enhance life, ”said Lila Rose, chair of the pro-life investigation group Live Action, on her Twitter count Monday.

“Shame on you, she said.

Abby Johnson, who was once on staff at Planned Parenthood and now advocates for unborn children, noted the dishonesty and double standard in media coverage of abortion clinics compared to pro-life pregnancy centers.

Write on it Facebook On Monday, Johnson explained that “when it is revealed that Planned Parenthood or any other abortion center is circumventing the law, committing Medicaid fraud, covering statutory rape, etc., media say it was about an “isolated incident.” However, if there is a very small incident in a pregnancy center, the media paint all the centers with a broad brushstroke and say that they are all like that same center. ”

Abby johnson
Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Employee of the Year, says Planned Parenthood killed 332,278 unborn children in 2009 in a Life Always TV commercial. |

“Pregnancy centers will never be able to compete effectively with the abortion industry, and we shouldn’t want to. Almost half of their services and income are related to abortion … a service we will never provide. We therefore want to provide services that they would NEVER consider providing: material assistance for mom and baby, professional advice, advice on real options, advice on bereavement following previous abortions, breastfeeding support, lessons on parenting and childbirth, instructions on fertility care, and much more. “

She responded to the abortion industry’s accusation that pro-lifers are “coercive,” speaking about her experience of working in the abortion industry for eight years. Johnson is the founder and CEO of And then there was none, a nonprofit group that exists to help abortion clinic workers quit the abortion industry.

“I can unequivocally say that the greatest manipulation I have ever witnessed happened inside the walls of the abortion center,” Johnson said. “In fact, with 64% of women feeling coerced or coerced into having an abortion, one would think that Planned Parenthood would take all possible steps to ensure that coercion, or even trafficking, does not take place in their centers. “

“But oh wait. It’s Planned Parenthood that has opposed every anti-trafficking bill proposed by pro-life lawmakers. If you want to see who Planned Parenthood is really there to protect, you don’t have to. look far and wide. They want to protect the abusers, not the victims. “

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