Colo pregnancy center sees support gains despite losing lawsuit against abortion activist group

The resource center
The Resource Center in Greeley, Colorado, a pro-life medical facility. |

A pro-life pregnancy center in Colorado, which recently lost a legal battle against an abortion advocacy group, says it continues to see patients and has received increased support in the community.

The Greeley Resource Center, a pro-life pregnancy and STD support center near the University of Northern Colorado, filed a lawsuit in February against the abortion advocacy group Truth4Greeley which created the domain name of the website. similar to theirs,

The Abortion Advocacy website is used to steer women away from the pregnancy center and lists a Planned Parenthood abortion center among the clinics it recommends.

The website also encourages people to campaign against the Greeley Resource Center by leaving a notice on “Google, Yelp and social media pages warning those who come across them looking for genuine support to stay tuned. The Resource Center is notorious for deleting bad reviews on their Facebook page, so be sure to check in to make sure its [sic] still there!”

Along with the domain name dispute, the pregnancy center said the abortion advocacy group was acting in bad faith against them rather than simply engaging in ideological disagreement.

“The website was only part of the attack,” Gail Holmes of the Greeley Resource Center said in an interview with the Christian Post on Thursday.

“The whole effort included scattering flyers around campus and posting a ‘fake clinic’ about reviews of Google and other programs.”

Holmes told CP that while they “couldn’t stop the flyers on campus or the pickets or the Google posts,” they had hoped they “could do something about the website.”

“Not only did they do their best to mimic our name, but they took our branding and rearranged some elements of it, used parts of it, and then used our brand colors as well. So the site looked suspiciously like our own webpage, she said.

But on March 30, an arbitrator who settled the case found otherwise, ruling that shutting down abortion advocacy website Truth 4 Greeley contradicted “a society that prides itself on allowing the free exchange of views and of opinion”.

“It would be a very bold move to take away part of a domain name that is used for the dissemination of news, information and opinion and is not otherwise against the law,” reads decision, The Colorado Sun reported on Tuesday.

Although the Greeley Resource Center was disappointed with the decision, Holmes told CP that through the back and forth they had received a lot of support from UNC students and financial donors.

“The number of customers has by no means decreased and neither has revenue. Our gala took place on March 5 and we were blessed with the biggest evening offering in our history,” said Holmes.

“We did not hide the problem but took the initiative to inform our prayer partners and financial supporters of the attack. We have been greatly blessed by the response from UNC students and partners.

Abortion advocacy group Truth4Greeley says on its website that it believes Greeley’s resource center “abuses the trust of the communities it serves” and accuses the center of not being honest about its services. pro-life and religious views.

“We want TRANSPARENCY in their advertising that proudly displays their religious affiliation, anti-choice agenda, and limited STD testing,” the band says.

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