Caught on camera: Karnataka Cong MLA slaps a man for demanding basic facilities in the village


The youth had approached Tumakuru MLA Venkataramanappa to provide good roads, clean water and other facilities in his village when the incident happened.

A Karnataka Legislative Assembly (MLA) Congressman has been the subject of controversy after he physically assaulted a youth for questioning him about civic facilities. The incident took place on Wednesday, April 20, when Tumakuru MP Venkataramanappa met the man, one Narasimha Murthy, after the latter asked to meet the MP.

Murthy who is from Nagenahalli village approached the MLA and sought basic facilities such as good roads and clean water to be provided in his village. However, this infuriated Venkataramanappa, as he slapped Murthy for asking such questions.

The incident was caught on camera and the video of it is widely shared on social media. In the video, Murthy is seen approaching Venkataramanappa outside Tehsildar de Pavagada’s office, with the MLA aides and other officials surrounding them. Murthy is seen asking the MP for proper roads, clean water supply and other basic facilities in his village. However, as Murthy speaks, Venkataramanappa suddenly slaps him on the cheek.

In the video, Venkataramanappa is also heard threatening Murthy with jail if he continues to talk to her. The deputy and the others around him then tell Murthy to go away in an aggressive manner, and a dejected Murthy is then seen walking away from tehsildar’s office.

After the incident, the MP reportedly refused to apologize and said he got angry because the man used abusive words. Speaking to YOU, Venkataramanappa defended his actions, saying the government had asked “are all the roads in good condition, is it possible to fix them all overnight?”

The BJP attacked Congress over the incident. The official BJP Karnataka handle tweeted: “A youth from Karnataka tried to get the water issues in his village sorted out by his constituency MP. Forget solving the problem, Congressman Venkataramanappa slapped the youth. This is how Congress approaches the problems faced by citizens (sic). »


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