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MADISON – “In 1985, we plan to open a Christian Action Council Crisis Pregnancy Center. The Pregnancy Information Center, as it will be called, will provide Madison with a needed service and give Christians the opportunity to serve the Lord in our own community.

“As Christians we must seek opportunities to meet people where they need them,” Kay Putty, Senior Chairman of the Board of Care Net, wrote for the first issue of the Care Net newsletter. Net in December 1984.

So began Care Net Pregnancy Center, then called Pregnancy Information Center. A small group of volunteers, seeking to provide options for women facing unplanned pregnancies and to save the lives of unborn babies, kicked off this ministry by offering free pregnancy tests, consultations and referrals.

Care Net 25th Anniversary Open House

When: Sunday April 18 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

25 Years Celebration Program at 2:45 p.m.

Or: Care Net, 1350 MacArthur Rd., Madison

What: Touching testimonies. Meet the people who have been a part of Care Net’s 25 year history.

Services for women, men and families

In 1986, Liz Osborn was hired as Executive Director, and she, along with our Board of Directors, continues to lead Care Net to this day. Care Net trains many volunteers each year to provide compassionate and quality services to women, men and families facing unwanted pregnancies or sexual health issues.

In 2002, recognizing a need in our community for safe housing and continued support during pregnancy and while beginning to become a parent, the Care Net Board of Directors took a leap in faith and launched an Elizabeth House (TEH) pilot program on a farm in rural Stoughton.

In 2004, a Madison businessman was led by God to buy land on MacArthur Rd. On the east side of Madison and donate the land to Care Net. Unbeknownst to him, another group would buy the land and build an abortion center. But, due to his offer to purchase the property at the 11th hour, it is now being used to save and change lives.

As a result of this donation of land in 2005, the Madison area community, including the Diocese of Madison, came together in an unprecedented way to build and furnish the magnificent Care Net facility which now houses the Care Net medical and counseling clinic and the Elizabeth House program.

Since moving to this facility in December 2005, God has enabled Care Net to serve and care for 37% more women and men facing unplanned pregnancies or sexual health issues.

More programs

While remaining committed to our core services providing options for women and men to choose life for themselves and their unborn children, Care Net now offers additional free services and support programs for better equip women and men to make wise life choices.

In addition to free pregnancy tests, consultations and ultrasounds, we now offer – all free – parenting and childbirth classes, ongoing one-to-one support with a nurse, support for men, a 24-hour hotline. 24/7, an STI complements women’s screening and treatment, LifeWise abstinence and STI education, Whole Heart’s postabortion support, and the Elizabeth House residential program.

Thanks for Care Net

Over the past 25 years, Care Net has helped thousands of women and men affected by unplanned pregnancies. One of these women, Deanna, came to Care Net for help about 18 years ago. She writes:

“I left my parents’ house when I was 17 and got pregnant when I was 18. I didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. The baby’s father didn’t want anything to do with me unless I had an abortion. So I made an abortion appointment. I felt like I had no other choice.

“On the morning of my date, I just couldn’t go through with it. I canceled my appointment and contacted Care Net instead. I entered Care Net feeling very ashamed and disoriented and came out very positive and empowered. Even though the road would be difficult, I knew I was making the right choice to keep my baby.

“My daughter, who I gave birth to a few months later, is now 17, is in high school and plans to go to college next year. She is beautiful inside and out. I am now married and have four children. I work in a local church. I can honestly say I don’t know where we would be without Care Net. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for us and for all the other women in need.

Anniversary open day on April 18

In 2010, Care Net celebrates its 25th anniversary in this community. Deanna and others who have received help and support at Care Net will share their stories at the Care Net 25th Anniversary Open House celebration on Sunday April 18. All are invited to celebrate with us and hear these inspiring stories.

In 25 years, we have seen God nurture this little seed and watch it grow into a multi-faceted and vibrant ministry that continues to flourish and prosper with the support of many people, churches and businesses. Looking to the years to come, we will continue to foster healing from the past, provide help for today and create hope for tomorrow for the women, men and families who come to Care Net. .

To learn more about Care Net, to donate for the 25th anniversary or for more information on the Open House celebration, visit


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