Buffalo crisis pregnancy center set to reopen next month


AAn anti-abortion crisis pregnancy center in Buffalo, New York, which was reportedly burned down last month, will reopen to clients on August 1.

CompassCare has been refurbishing its facility, repairing its scorched walls and shattered windows in recent weeks, with plans to inaugurate a new edition of the facility aiming to expand its services when it reopens next month.


“It is heartening to me to know that the church and the generosity of the people of God and Buffalo have come together to rebuild this facility so quickly and so professionally, said the Reverend Jim Harden, CEO of CompassCare, to Washington Examiner. “The outpouring of generosity from across the state and the nation – is simply humbling.”

In the early morning hours of June 7, police and firefighters arrived at the CompassCare facility, which was engulfed in smoke. The words “Jane Was Here” were carved outside the facility – hallmarks of the extremist pro-abortion movement Jane’s Revenge.

No one was injured in the attack, but the devastation inflicted on the facility rendered it unusable. The company also has centers in Rochester and Albany and referred patients there as it raced to fix the Buffalo facility. He also quickly established other makeshift locations near Buffalo to conduct his operations while the facility was renovated.

Emergency pregnancy centers like CompassCare seek to help women whose lives have been disrupted by unplanned pregnancies. They offer services such as ultrasounds and pregnancy consultations with the underlying goal of keeping pregnant women away from abortion.

Repairs to the center cost about $250,000, but volunteers and donations helped CompassCare meet the expenses, according to Harden. The CEO took note of the 52 day period to complete the repairs and compared it to the 52 days it took to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem in the book of Nehemiah in the Bible.

CompassCare has taken drastic measures to strengthen its security apparatus to ward off any future attacks, Harden added without disclosing details. During the opening ceremony, CompassCare is expected to reveal new details about the attack. So far, no one has been arrested and authorities believe the fire was caused by at least one Molotov cocktail, Harden said.

The June arson attack came amid a wave of attacks targeting anti-abortion facilities and crisis pregnancy centers across the country following the leak Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization opinion which signaled that the High Court would soon remove a woman’s constitutional right to access abortion nationwide. The following month, the Supreme Court did just that and overturned the precedents set in Roe v. Wade.

Following the attack, CompassCare decided to increase its facility’s capacity by 30% in anticipation of an influx of new patients amid a wave of restrictive abortion laws enacted across the country. Harden noted that the facility had been considering expansion for some time, but the firebombing, coupled with the toppling of Deer, eventually pushed them to follow.


CompassCare invites Governor Kathy Hochul (D-NY) and Attorney General Letitia James to the reopening ceremony. So far, there has been no response or indication that either will participate, according to Harden. About a week after the fire at the center, Hochul had
signed an invoice
creation of a task force to investigate crisis pregnancy centers in the state. A few weeks later, James implored Google to crack down on the prevalence of “fake pregnancy centers” in its search results.

“We wanted to invite Kathy Hochul and Letitia James and anyone who is avowed opponents of pregnancy centers — which they know nothing about, Harden said. “I think they have an obligation to see what the citizens of New York are doing to help women have their babies. It’s pretty amazing.”


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