Borat and daughter troll crisis pregnancy center in new clip


A new clip from Borat: Next Moviefilm shows Borat and his daughter lagging behind in a crisis pregnancy center in typical Borat fashion.

It has been 14 years since Borat’s last adventures, and soon he will be leaving on his last American excursion. America’s landscape has changed a lot since those days, and Borat finds himself in a strange new world filled with all kinds of potential hijackings. One of his latest outings, as Variety exclusive shows, is a visit to an anti-abortion clinic where he … well that’s a little complicated.

As the clip shows, Borat gives his daughter a cupcake with a little plastic baby figurine on it. In her haste to consume the treat, she also eats the plastic figurine, so Borat and his daughter are going to have the baby “taken away”, and at this point the audience can probably see where it’s going. As Miss Sagdiyev so eloquently informs the man at the clinic: “I have a baby in me, and I want to take it out of me.

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For those who are unaware of the American debate on abortion: Pregnancy crisis centers are not in fact places which offer abortions to pregnant women. Instead, they are set up by anti-abortion activists and religious groups to dissuade women from having an abortion. With this goal in mind, they often present themselves as legitimate medical centers, and will sometimes dishonestly imply that they can perform an abortion in order to get women out the door, even though these facilities never perform abortion. and are not able to. Once inside, the establishment is set up to do everything possible to convince the women to continue their pregnancy.

With this information, it’s probably pretty obvious why Borat would have set his sights on a place like this. Even in the brief clip shown, there’s clearly a long way to go to play with some of these centers. De Borat and his daughter urging them to remove a plastic baby, to Borat’s shameful admission that he is the one who “put the baby in her”. It’s also iconic of the sequel’s approach to satire, just putting all the cards on the table and watching people run with them. People will be able to see the rest of the movie very soon when it launches on Prime Video.

Borat: Subsequent movie will be available on Prime Video this October 23.

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Source: Variety

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