Blessings flow, faith grows for pregnancy center amid storm devastation in Texas


Fifteen days after discovering that her pregnancy aid center had been effectively destroyed by water damage caused by the recent Winter storm in Texas, CEO of the Hope Women’s Center in McKinney, TX, is “absolutely devastated” by what has happened to the center since.

Support from unforeseen sources, the disaster paving the way for the growth of the Pregnancy Medical Clinic, and the heartwarming response from the pregnancy aid community are all a “beautiful picture” of God’s providence, said Holly Snell .

“In 15 days I can’t believe everything God has done,” Snell said Pregnancy Help News.

It has been a practical lesson in trusting what He will provide, she said, and they just keep trusting and moving forward.

Snell and her husband Aaron, the centre’s ministry advancement director, had stayed with friends who had power after the storm and were on their way to the grocery store to restock their house when they passed by to check on the center.

They weren’t prepared for what they found.

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The center had been closed for a few days during the height of the storm. There were no blackouts in the area like there had been elsewhere. As a result, the building lost power for three days and the sprinkler system froze and burst, completely flooding the center. With the electricity cut off, the alarm system did not send the prescribed emergency alert when the disaster began.

The ceiling of the Hope Women’s Center was lowered, the walls destroyed, and the water was 2-1 / 2 feet deep in the center, destruction that had been going on for two days before it was discovered.

“Thousands and thousands of gallons of water were rushing into our clinic,” Snell said.

She remembers walking through every section of the center after the floods.

“Sob after sob with every door I opened,” she said.

Adding to the impact of the loss, Hope had just rehabilitated and expanded the space two years earlier.

“It was heartbreaking,” Snell said.

But it was not long after that the Lord’s hand was seen in the matter.

Snell and her husband recorded a video the next day, showing the damage but conveying a message of hope.

“We may be down, but we did not get out” Snell said. “God is our strength and he will provide. “

It was certainly the Lord who allowed him to express this message of hope the next day.

“He calmed us down and led us,” Snell said.

“Every time you go through a loss, whether it’s people or a ministry, it’s such a myriad of emotions,” she said. “You grieve and cry, but at the same time you see the hand of God in it. And that’s where we are.

She called her marketing manager, Janet Stafford of Choose Life Marketing and formerly Focus on the Family, just to cry, she said.

“I didn’t ask for anything,” Snell said.

Stafford told her to hang on, she wanted to make calls.

Snell then heard from Robin Chambers of Focus on the Family’s Option Ultrasound Program.

Through the Tennessee Action Council and ICU Mobile, Focus on the Family had located a mobile pregnancy center unit that had been operating for three years, waiting for a center.

The unit was serviced, fitted with new tires and transported to the McKinney from Atlanta on March 5. Focus has also accelerated the donation of an ultrasound machine so that the center can continue to provide the service.

Any tool that allowed the Hope Women’s Center to continue serving client needs was one of the highest priorities amid the chaos for Snell and his team at the center.

Hope Women’s Center Mobile Pregnancy Clinic Arrived March 5
and will be repackaged with the center information

“Obviously our priority is to serve the patients,” said Pregnancy Help News.

The center answers calls and refers clients to other pregnancy support centers.

But meeting client needs in person may also continue soon, not only thanks to the new mobile clinic.

A father and son team of downtown McKinney homeowners heard about their predicament. The couple had no prior knowledge of the Hope Women’s Center ministry and offered the center an entire floor in one of their buildings to see clients and the ability to park the mobile unit in the parking lot – all for free too long as Hope needs it. this.

“We’re going to be up and running very quickly,” Snell said.

Another praise report implies new space for the center in the future, she said.

They had prayed for a new space and the storm damage prompted the decision not to continue in the same space, but where and how?

In the midst of it all, the centre’s board of directors, some members with backgrounds in real estate and banking looked for potential space. Snell said the challenge had been to provide enough medical space.

As it turns out, there are two brand-new buildings directly across from the centre’s current location, whose payments on a purchase will be lower than the lease at their current location. The center made a verbal agreement to purchase the two buildings and in the midst of organizing operations in the meantime from the temporary location and the mobile center going live, Snell said they were considering to raise funds for the purchase.

She fully attributes the developments to the Lord.

“We now see the Lord using this to position us for growth,” Snell said. “We know He’s behind it all.

Thinking back to the day she and her husband found the center destroyed, at the time they could not have imagined how things would turn out.

“We didn’t know God was opening this to be our new home,” she said.

Snell points to the Gospel of Mark chapter 2, verse 22, where Christ says that no one pours new wine into old wineskins. She said she had been continually drawn to this scripture passage recently, trusting that it was the Holy Spirit that tapped her on the shoulder and told her to look at it again.

Looking at how things developed for the center to fit into the new space, Snell sees the accomplishment of this.

And the story is not over, Snell said, but what has happened so far has served to refresh his faith.

But another important thing that has happened is the response and support the Hope Women’s Center has received from other pregnancy aid organizations.

The two International heartbeat and NIFLA had posted on social media what had happened at the center, Snell said, and other pregnancy assistance organizations across the United States reached out and sent Hope financial gifts.

Knowing the challenges of owning and operating a pregnancy help center, it is not lost on Snell.

“It absolutely blew me away,” she said. Pregnancy Help News. “It was kind of a rallying point for other pregnancy centers to pray for us and share their precious gifts.”

Tweet this: It was a gathering of pregnancy centers, prayer centers and sharing their precious gifts with the Hope Women’s Center after the winter storm in Texas.

“We are just in disbelief when we step back and calculate what God has done,” she said. “It was a lesson in humility, wonderful.”

“Incredible” is one of the words she uses to describe it all.

“We believe,” Snell said. “It’s an incredibly answered prayer.”

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