Bethel donates to Legacy Parenting Center – News – The Shawnee News-Star


Bethel Lower Elementary recently collected and donated supplies to the Legacy Parenting Center in Shawnee. The BLE Gifted and Talented program promoted a fundraiser for baby diapers and supplies by creating posters, giving presentations to students and making videos for Facebook. The students and their parents donated 748 diapers, 334 packets of baby wipes, 19 bottles of baby wash and shampoo, and 44 clothes. The students of the GT are in kindergarten, first and second year. They worked at the Legacy Parenting Center to count, sort, and put away supplies. Sponsors of Bethel Lower Elementary GT are Regina Flatt and Mandy Rooker.

Pictured left (front row) Connor Barnett, Lydia Winchester, Aubrey Cobb, Noah Gascon, Everett Quirk, Lillyann Tabor, Andy Wilson, (middle row) Jacie Vasquez, Robby Byrd, Sadie Lee, Cody Oldham, Jayden Hubler and Sarah Drew, (back row) Regina Flatt, Tabitha Boughner, Brinkleigh Stinger, Karleigh Loyd, Brynleigh Justus, Maci Hampton, Kylee Lowry, Jade Jackson and Mandy Rooker.

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