Basic facilities still elude this tribal village


Angoul, September 15: Even 75 years after gaining independence, there are a number of isolated tribal pockets in the state where people still struggle to get basic facilities like clean water, roads, education and services. Health care.

Arakhadihi village, a tribal village, is one of such backward places under Hanumanpur gram panchayat of Kaniha block of Angul district. The dire situation in the village has put a question mark over the effectiveness of the state government’s various rural development and social welfare programs.

The poverty is evident in the dilapidated and broken thatched-roof houses throughout the village.

According to reports, up to 25 families reside in the village, which is two kilometers from National Road 53. The village has no road of its own. Villagers are forced to traverse dense forests to reach nearby markets and government offices.

In addition, the village does not have adequate sanitary facilities, as a result, they are forced to turn to traditional healers or sorcerers for treatment. Women here often find it difficult to receive the benefits due to them during their pregnancy period because there are no hospitals nearby.

Other than that, the village has only two tube wells; however, one of them died.

“There is nothing you can call a road to our village. No two or four wheels can drive there. The village remains inaccessible to health care and education. When it comes to a medical emergency, we were forced to carry patients on beds to get to the hospital, the villagers lamented.

The people demanded immediate measures for the development of their village.

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