Area Churches Form Non-Profit Pregnancy Center | Local


Barrett said some of the first things they will offer include free pregnancy tests and free ultrasounds for up to 12 weeks. Downey said they hope to add education and mentoring to young moms and families in the future.

“I think there is a difference in our vision for the future compared to where it is now,” she said. “Overall, our goal is to give women who experience an unplanned pregnancy options. This is why we are called Options, because they know that there are options to give life to their baby.

Stobel, who is in her fifth pregnancy, said that while she could now be considered a pregnancy expert, it is still not easy.

“It’s hard; it’s overwhelming, even though I have a support system and I know what I’m doing. So imagine not having a support system and not having a clue what’s going on. The pass would be so overwhelming, “she said.” So we hope to be here to provide the resources, the help and the love that those facing an unplanned pregnancy need. ”

While the center is still in the planning phase before it opens, the board has found a building to house the center and is working on hiring a director. Apart from that, they are working on fundraising. Their main fundraiser is to distribute baby bottles to congregations in different churches and ask them to fill them with change. They plan to be at WestWay Christian Church on October 11 and The Rock Church on October 18.


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