Africa Data Centers to Set Up 10 New US $ 500 Million Facilities Across the Continent


Johannesburg – Africa Data Centers, has announced plans to build large, large-scale data centers in ten African countries, which will boost jobs and economic growth, among other things.

The project, which will be undertaken over the next two years at a cost of over $ 500 million, will be financed by new equity and facilities from the main development finance institutions and multilateral organizations.

The company, which is a subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (formerly Liquid Telecom Kenya) already has nine data centers in six African countries.

The CEO of Africa Data Centers, Mr. Stéphane Dupro, noted that the company has acquired land in the respective countries before the construction of the facilities which will remain interconnected.

“The review of Africa’s growth trajectory has enabled us to make investment decisions on new locations and to confidently commit to expanding the selected existing locations, resulting in the largest investment of this Typically in history, the impact of a data center is long lasting, with immediate job creation resulting from physical construction and sustainable economic growth once operational, ”he said.

He noted that the data centers will provide high speed data facilities which will also attract multinational organizations looking to enter the African market.

“This commitment to Africa, through the continued deployment of capital intensive infrastructure projects, has decisive ripple effects for the communities and economies we serve,” he added.

Sectors that will benefit from the centers include the growing banking and fintech sectors, insurance and medical organizations, the public sector, large-scale cloud providers, content providers as well as small and micro businesses ( SME).

“These industries are very sensitive to data speed, security, guaranteed availability, and demand reliability and trust in their suppliers,” the company said in a statement.

In order to reduce carbon emissions, the company said it will invest in innovative gray water systems, waste disposal and renewable energy sources.


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