Abortion Supporters Press Google To Ban Pregnancy Center Ads On Pregnancy Research


Abortion advocates are upset that women searching for abortion and pregnancy related words online may still be ‘drawn’ to pro-life pregnancy centers – and they seek to silence them further .

In May, Google changed its advertising policies to require advertisers related to pregnancy to be “certified” before displaying their ads, below which Google would also display whether or not the establishment offers abortions. The so-called “loophole” that abortion activists are now targeting involves specific search keywords.

Since then, Google’s policy has applied to searches with the keyword “abortion”, but not to other terms such as “free pregnancy test” or “pregnancy symptoms”. According to The Guardian, “The ability of crisis pregnancy centers to influence potentially vulnerable women with false information is viewed by advocates of choice as a significant challenge at a time when access to legal abortion is restricted in many states. United States. “

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Other new electrical outlets present this as a ‘loophole’, rather than equal access to information on both sides of the abortion debate, an iconic account of Orwellian thought-control tactics of those who want women to believe that the only one choice is abortion. Pro-abortion fanatics claim that the health, support and accurate information provided by pregnancy assistance centers is a form of manipulation.

But the pregnancy assistance centers to do offer women free pregnancy tests, and many even offer limited STD tests and ultrasounds – so there’s nothing “wrong” about looking for “pregnancy test” and finding a PRC. Women should be able to make an informed choice without being pressured into having an abortion by people and organizations that could benefit from it and who have been caught in the act of attempting to cover up sexual abuse. And as Live Action News previously reported, statistics show that around 84% of women say they don’t have enough information to make an informed choice, and up to 64% of women also say they feel pressured to ‘abort.

“Google knows that there are a lot of CPCs who are actively trying to deceive women about their reproductive health options,” said Alice Huling of the Pro-Abortion Accountability Campaign. “There is no reason why these same guidelines cannot be applied at all levels. ” Other sources expressed concern that advertisements from pregnancy centers “might confuse women”, possibly upon learning that they may have more information and options available to them.

Google’s initial decision to “certify” the ads was due to a pro-abortion backlash against the advertisement given to the Obria Group – a pro-life network of accredited health clinics that provide much-needed medical services, including the STD treatment, prenatal care, cancer screenings, ultrasounds, and pregnancy tests: many services that Planned Parenthood and other abortion centers do not provide.

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Google has a habit of censoring and suppressing pro-life rhetoric. In May, Live Action News reported that this had materialized in various ways, including the blacklisting of pro-life ads in Ireland during the Save the 8th campaign, categorizing “Unplanned” – the movie about conversion. pro-life of a former director of Planned Parenthood – as “propaganda” and the removal of pro-life videos – including those from Live Action – on YouTube, which is owned by Google.

For now, Google has refused to call the fair treatment of pregnancy center ads a “loophole” and says the policy was only for those who specifically searched for the keyword “abortion.” “This added transparency is intended to help users decide which abortion-related advertisements are most relevant to them. Our policies already prohibit false statements in advertisements and if we find any advertisements that violate our policies, we remove them immediately, ”Google said, in a statement to the Guardian.

By calling for censorship of pro-life options, pro-abortion fanatics display their desperation, denying women any real choice except the one they approve of and can benefit from. Nothing is scarier for them than giving women real choices, which is why they are increasingly targeting pregnancy centers, which help millions of women and save communities millions of dollars every year.

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