A “big day” for the new pregnancy center for family planning


Another pregnancy center powered by Heartbeat International’s Pregnancy Assistance Starter Program is ready to give women a choice – right next to Planned Parenthood.

The Napa Women’s Center in Napa, Calif., Is scheduled to open to customers on November 23 after hosting its opening ceremony last month.

Shawn Carney, President of 40 Days for Life, spoke for the event, calling on those in attendance to support the Pregnancy Help Center.

“It’s a big day for Napa Valley,” Carney said.

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The Pregnancy Center, which will provide pregnancy testing, client advocacy, medical referrals, material resources, and abortion pill cancellation – all free of charge – is right next to the Napa Planned Parenthood.

“The reason it’s a bad day for Planned Parenthood is because you have more access to choices,” Carney told the crowd in attendance for the unveiling.

Sean Carney speaks at the unveiling ceremony
for the Napa Women’s Center

“You have increased access to love and you have increased access to joy,” Carney said. “And there is no joy inside an abortion center.”

Tweet this: You have increased access to choice, love, and joy. And there is no joy inside an abortion center – Sean Carney at the Napa Women’s Center

Carney was talking in conjunction with her travels for the 40 Days for Life Fall Vigil, and commended Heartbeat International’s ministry of serving women facing unplanned pregnancy, which nicely complemented the 40 Days for Life Awareness , did he declare.

One of the earliest believers with 40 Days for Life’s Christ-like reputation was Heartbeat International, Carney said, because of vigils 40 Days for Life organized in front of abortion centers near Heartbeat affiliates.

“And they are the largest network of pregnancy resource centers in the world,” Carney said. “You can’t find a better organization to help you do what you do in Napa than Heartbeat International. “

“This is the combo that is shutting down abortion centers,” Carney added.

The Napa Women’s Center is joining the Life Launch Grant Program as a full beneficiary for fiscal 2021, according to Sara Littlefield, Life Launch Grant Program specialist.

Heart beat Life Launch Grants Program supports new creation of pregnancy assistance centers to open their doors, focusing on pregnancy help in underserved communities. Littlefield, who is leading the centers throughout the process, said the program has been critical in fostering new pregnancy support centers. especially during the fallout from the coronavirus.

Seven of the 12 Life Launch grant recipients first opened their doors during the pandemic, and seven Life Launch centers that had previously been open kept their doors open during the pandemic, for a total of 14 start-up pregnancy centers for successfully serve their communities during uncertain times caused by the virus.

Carney and Littlefield

The Napa Women’s Center will soon join their ranks.

“The unveiling event was a huge success! Littlefield said Pregnancy Help News. “Even with the smoke from the fires, they had 120 people present at their opening ceremonies.”

The centre’s board chairman, Gerry Cruz, congratulated the entire team involved in creating the center, calling the unveiling event “extraordinary”.

“Despite the challenges for many to attend, the enthusiasm was high,” said Cruz. “The response to the ‘naked’ revelation was perfect, and the donations seem at first glance to be generous in the number of people donating or pledging.”

Carney and Littlefield with the Napa Women’s Center team

Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) provided legal support leading to the founding of the Napa Women’s Center.

LLLDF founders and staff have long been present at Planned Parenthood in Napa in conjunction with 40 Days for Life, the legal nonprofit association. noted.

When the building next to Planned Parenthood became available, they “jumped at the opportunity to open a center that offers women an alternative to Planned Parenthood’s abortion-only model, and the building owner was thrilled. to rent the property for a pro-life cause. “

The location of the Pregnancy Center in the heart of Napa City matters, LLDF also said, as Napa City Council is consider an ordinance on bubble zones to deter pro-life rhetoric in front of Planned Parenthood. Life Legal fights the ordinance.

“If we can open a center like this in Napa right next to a death mill, it can be done anywhere in the country,” said Mary Riley, founder and chief financial officer of LLDF, who has participated in the start-up of the Napa Women’s Center. up. “We are so grateful to our volunteers and the community at large for working together to build a beautiful and safe place that offers hope and help to women and families. “

For more information on Heartbeat International’s Life Launch Grant program, click HERE and HERE.

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