869 Attacks on Ukrainian Healthcare Facilities: Ukraine’s War in the Data


On the first day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces attacked a hospital in the eastern Ukrainian town of Vuhledar, killing four people and injuring 10 others. The next day, a children’s hospital and a cancer center were hit in other parts of the country. Perhaps the most memorable attack on the country’s health infrastructure came in March, when a Russian missile hit a maternity hospital in Mariupol. Seventeen hospital employees and patients were injured; a pregnant woman died of her injuries.

This week, as the war entered its sixth month, the Ukrainian government gave an assessment of the consequences of the war on the country’s health system – health workers and institutions.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, 18 medical workers have been killed and more than 50 injured since the start of the war; 746 medical facilities were damaged by Russian attacks and another 123 facilities were completely destroyed. The ministry also provided data on how the seriously injured continue to receive emergency care; an average of four evacuation flights per week carry Ukrainians abroad for medical treatment. To date, 1,274 Ukrainians have been medically evacuated for treatment.

In a Facebook post, the Department of Health cited its findings as evidence of “targeted destruction of medical infrastructure”.

Grid reports are based on the best data and reports available; in some cases we explained a range of numbers or why we chose one over another. We originally published this document on March 24 and will update it every Thursday as long as the war persists.

Civilians killed: at least 5,200 (probably thousands more)

On June 7, a Ukrainian official said that at least 40,000 Ukrainian civilians had been killed or injured since the start of the war. The official offered no breakdown of dead versus injured. The UN’s latest estimate of the number of civilians killed is over 5,200, but it consistently adds that the figure is an undercount, as is its estimate of the total number of casualties, given at over 10,000. ( updated 25 July; source, source)

Ukrainian soldiers killed: 10,000–11,000

On June 10, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s top advisers estimated that 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed since the start of the war. US intelligence officials estimated between 5,500 and 11,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed since the invasion. Also on June 10, a presidential adviser said Ukraine was losing up to 200 soldiers every day. (updated 15 June; source, source)

Russian soldiers killed: 1,351–27,000

Ukraine has raised its estimate of the number of Russian soldiers killed in the conflict to 27,000. NATO has estimated Russian troop losses at between 7,000 and 15,000. Russian officials have previously claimed 1,351 troop losses, although that spokesman Dimitry Peskov said there had been “significant losses of troops, and this is a huge tragedy for us”. (updated 25 May; source, source, source)

Russian generals killed: 8 to 13

Retired Russian general reportedly shot down over Luhansk at the end of May — by Ukraine counts the 13th Russian general to be killed in Ukraine. Earlier, the Defense Intelligence Agency reported that between eight and ten Russian generals were killed in Ukraine. Grid’s Tom Nagorski and Joshua Keating previously reported possible explanations for this “inconceivable” record: poor communications and command and control structures within the Russian military. (updated 25 May; source, source)

Total displaced Ukrainians: at least 12 million

There are currently more than 6.1 million Ukrainian refugees reported in other European countries. UN data indicates that more than 9.9 million people have crossed the border since the start of the war, but millions have returned home, largely from Poland, as reported by Nikhil Kumar and Kseniia Lisnycha last week. The International Organization for Migration’s latest survey of internally displaced Ukrainians in late June found that more Ukrainians were returning home from Ukraine, but more than 6 million remain displaced. (updated 26 July; source, source)

Internally displaced Ukrainians: at least 6.2 million

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