43 U.S. facilities stopped performing abortions in the past month, study finds


Since the Supreme Court restored the nation’s right to procedure, at least 43 facilities across the country have stopped performing abortions, according to a study released Thursday. According to the Guttmacher Institute, a research organization that promotes access to abortion, 11 states have banned abortion after six weeks of pregnancy or completely within a month of the landmark June 24 verdict. The institute determined that 43 clinics, including 23 in Texas alone, 5 in Oklahoma and 5 in Alabama, have closed or redirected their resources to other types of care.

The Pink House, also known as the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which was at the center of the Supreme Court case, closed on July 7 after being Mississippi’s only abortion center for a considerable time. . “The already dire state of abortion access in many parts of the country will continue to deteriorate, and more states will enact abortion bans in the weeks and months to come, the authors wrote. the study, as AFP reports.

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Abortion is against the law in some places, including Louisiana and North Dakota, although implementation of these new regulations has been hampered by court disputes. Others, like Indiana, have called for additional legislative sessions in order to pass new legislation. It is expected that abortion would eventually be banned in half of the US states, especially in the South and Midwest, which are predominantly conservative.

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